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Winter Business Meetings: Keep Yourself Warm and Your Business Hot

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Winter in the Northern hemisphere officially starts next Thursday, December 21. With the start of the season, it is time to start preparing for your winter business meetings. It may be business as usual online, but outside, there are things that you should definitely keep in mind this winter.

Read below for some of our tops tips on how to manage your winter business meetings.

Tips for Winter Business Meetings: The Highs and Lows of Travel Season

Airplane in a winter storm

When planning out your travel this season, be mindful of both when and where you are travelling. Different parts of the winter are peak travel season, especially for those leaving the cold weather for sunny beaches down south. Mid-to-late December is packed with holiday travellers, and from February to March, families and young people are taking advantage of school breaks. The return of peak season will cause three things: less availability, higher prices, and longer lineups.

Ideally, if you must travel for your winter business meetings, try to book your travel outside of these peaks. Think mid to late January in most regions. Prices will be slightly lower, and the lineups will be shorter. It may also be worth the quick Google search to see when local schools and universities go on winter break. While it may not necessarily affect pricing, it will certainly help you avoid the crowds.

Your meeting plans a little more inflexible? If you need to travel during the winter holidays, check out our previous blog post for our top tips on travelling for business during the holidays.

Tips for Winter Business Meetings: Complimenting the Holidays

Holiday decorations

As the sidewalks start to fill with snow, calendars start to fill with different holiday celebrations and 5 à 7’s. Keep the holiday rush in mind when planning out winter business meetings, especially in December. With the stress of holiday preparation, especially by the middle of the month, many people are not entirely focused on work. Furthermore, they do not have time to spend in a meeting that could have been an email.

It is important to ensure that your meeting doesn’t conflict with any holiday celebrations. This goes beyond the statutory holidays: Hannukah and Kwanza are also celebrated during December, and different people have different holiday traditions. It never hurts to reconfirm a meeting time that has been set well in advance. At the very worst, it will show how courteous you are.

Furthermore, be mindful when planning mealtime meetings. The holidays are a crush of indulgence; offering up a healthier option for your business meal is considerate. This goes beyond the holiday rush, as those with New Year’s resolutions will enthusiastic to try that trendy restaurant you know that is both delicious and nutritious.

Tips for Winter Business Meetings: Learn to Cope with the Weather

A van drives through a snowstorm

The weather will be a factor when planning out your winter business meetings. There will be snow, there will be ice, there will be cold. Flights will be delayed, car accidents will cause traffic. We have no control over such things. We can, however, control how we react to these events. Plan for the inevitable delays, and space your meetings out accordingly. This may mean that you have to stay an extra day or so in a city, but it will be worth it.

Some days in the winter, it is simply too cold. On those frosty January and February days, consider your meeting location. No one wants to walk more than 5 minutes outside on a day when the windchill is raging. And if you’re looking to impress, you can also offer to show up to their office with coffee. Warm coffee without the need to go outside? You definitely have their ear.

Finally, with the weather and the cold, cabin fever can lead to other fevers. It’s cold and flu season! Fortunately, there are some things you can do to minimize the risk of infection for you and your business partners. There is the oft-repeated advice to get your flu shot, where available. Carrying around hand sanitizer is also a good way to keep your hands clean. And they don’t all smell like rubbing alcohol! Check your favourite shop, like Bath and Body Works, or The Body Shop, for a variety of enticing scents.

Travelling for your business meetings? Corporate Stays has a variety of warm apartments located in key parts of major cities. Skip the traffic from a hotel beside the airport, and stay somewhere that feels like home. Our corporate housing specialists would be happy to help you find the perfect apartment for your next trip.