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Looking for the Perfect Holiday Gift? Why You Should Choose a Vacation.

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The holiday season is creeping up on us, and people around the world are looking for the perfect holiday gift. Lists are popping up across the internet on the best gifts to show off on Instagram, the trendiest gifts of 2017, and the best gifts based on horoscope sign.

This is not one of those lists. We would like to propose something different. An original gift that fits in with the spirit of the holidays. A vacation! It is a thoughtful gift that is simultaneously modern and classic and doesn’t need to break the bank.

Keep on reading to find out why a vacation is the best holiday gift you can give:

Give a Holiday Gift that Creates Memories, Not Clutter

Holiday Gift: Memories

Millenials have been at the head of a trend that prioritizes experiences over possessions. And there is a lot to say for their value. Experiences are memories that will last forever. They won’t go out of style like a fidget spinner, Beanie Baby, or Pet Rock.

If you’re looking to give a present that is more about spending time than spending money, a vacation is an excellent holiday gift. A vacation is about spending time with loved ones; it is about appreciating the simple joys in the world. It is far more in keeping with the traditional “holiday spirit” than a trendy trinket.

Furthermore, a vacation avoids one of the common pitfalls of a holiday gift: clutter. A vacation isn’t going to sit on a shelf collecting dust until it is regifted or given to charity. It won’t be yet another piece to make room for. Although, that special someone may want to make some room to share the photos from their wonderful trip.

Give a Holiday Gift that Shows You Care

Holiday Gifts: Caring

When you give someone a vacation as a present, you are showing that you put thought into their gift. It is not simply a trendy item or a novelty mug; you are giving them the gift of time. It’s time for themselves, time to relax, and time for them to explore.

We all know those people who dedicate their lives to work, to volunteering, to helping with family, but never take the time for themselves. By giving them the time for rest and relaxation, you are not only giving them a gift. You are recognizing all of their hard work. As holiday gifts come and go, a vacation is one of the easiest to truly personalize. You can send them to their favourite part of the world, or simple someone where they can enjoy one of the favourite activities.

And a vacation doesn’t just mean the typical tourist experience. By staying in a furnished apartment in a key area of the city, like those offered by Corporate Stays, you can give them the experience of living in their dream city. For example, it is a more authentic Montreal experience to wake up in a Griffintown apartment than it would be to stay in a hotel beside the airport. It’s closer to the city, and more importantly, it’s filled with the cafes and restaurants that Montrealers like.

Give a Holiday Gift that is Valuable, not Expensive

Holiday Gifts: Value

I would be willing to bet that the first objection that you had to the idea of the vacation as a holiday gift was the price. And it would be an understandable objection. But vacations don’t have to be expensive. At the end of the day, you are giving a priceless gift: the gift of time. It is something that even the richest among cannot buy.

There are many ways to trim the costs of a vacation. You just want to get away for the weekend to somewhere like Whistler or Mont Tremblant. You can also save on flight expenses by staying in a nearby city. Have someone that loves St Patrick’s Day and everything green? Don’t necessarily have the means for the flight to the Emerald Isle? Montreal and Boston have two of the best St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in the world, and they may be much closer.

Depending on the location and the time of year, the hospitality industry can offer some serious discounts on their wares. In some cases, you may wind up spending less money than you would have on a physical gift!

So this year, when you’re stumped on finding the perfect holiday gift, consider giving a vacation. You will be showing the person you care, you will be creating memories, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to give a valuable present.

Looking for the perfect place to set up their vacation stay? Get in touch with the housing specialists at Corporate Stays, who can help find the ideal apartment for a fantastic trip.