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Trick or treat – which accommodation would you book?

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We’ve all read them – the scary hotel reviews online, complete with photos of bathrooms and bedspreads that would make your hair stand on end. So, in the spirit of Halloween this week, we thought we’d just give you a quick rundown of some of the scary things hotels try to get away with and – because hey, everyone gets to blow their own trumpet once in a while – we compared how measures up. We think after reading, you might – despite the spooky season – want to go for treat, rather than trick!



Scary: We’ve been in hotels where you have to pay up to $25 dollars to have internet in your room, and even then, it’s spotty and frustrating, and there’s no way you can get a skype call through to your family, who haven’t heard from you since they dropped you at the airport 19 hours ago. And those are the good places. Often, the only way to get online is to sit in the lobby, and some things are better kept private, really.

Not scary: We offer free, high-speed wifi in every one of our apartments. That’s it. No terms. No conditions. And if you’re having any connectivity issues, we’ll get someone out to you to fix it as soon as possible.



Scary: Very few hotels accept pets, and even if they do, there are often strict rules and where they can go and what they can do. You may be tempted to circumvent the rules and smuggle your kitty in and out by stuffing her in your carry on. And that is just scary for any animal.

Not Scary: We love pets! In fact we have a tiny office mascot pooch that cheers us all up when we’re workig long hours. We’ve got lots of apartments that accept all your furry friends, and our concierge can even hook you up with dog walking, grooming, and pet sitting services. Woof!



Scary: Room service prices. Need we say more? $18.50 for a soggy BLT? No thank you. That is all.

Not Scary: Did you know that all our luxury apartments come with fully furnished kitchens? We’ve got everything you need to rustle up breakfast lunch and dinner if you want to – then stick ‘em in the full-sized refrigerator and use the microwave to reheat the next day. It’s like being at home, but better, because someone else will clean up when you leave!