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Business Trip to Cartagena? Our Top 5 Restaurant picks

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If you’re being sent to Cartagena for business, it can be a bit daunting to navigate your dining situation. Sure, most of the hotels businesses will put you up in have their own complimentary breakfasts and possibly room service, but do you really want to spend every waking moment while off work in your room? (COme to think of it, wouldn’t you prefer a furnished apartment…!)
Being adventurous is the key to getting the most out of your downtime while away on business, so branch out and try a few of the local dining establishments. Confused about where to go, and don’t want to get food poisoning? We’ve got a pretty hunch that you’ll love our top five picks for dining out when in Cartagena for business. Read on to find out which places they are.


It’s okay if you’re in an exotic land and really just want a steak, and thankfully, Gaucha Restaurant & Winehouse, an Argentinian steakhouse smack dab in the middle of the Getsemani neighborhood has exactly that. Not only do they have some of the freshest and most tender cuts of beef, but their wine selection and desserts are tops too. Business travellers will appreciate it’s intimate dining room with old world interiors and rustic charm as well as the lip-smacking chorizo appetizer, and you can even ask them to pack up what you didn’t finish for a midnight snack back at the hotel.

Restaurante 1621

The perfect place for bringing clients and colleagues for lunch and dinner meetings, Restaurante 1621 is situated in the old part of Cartagena in the Sofitel Santa Clara hotel, and has a very opulent and professional feel. The stunning patio outside provides a great place to pour over the day’s goings on or help land a deal with an important client, and the contemporary cuisine is a fusion of local flavors and French finery, so everyone at the table will be happy with their meal. Start with a delectable ceviche served in a unique dish, and then go for the risotto! The restaurant also has  very impressive variety of wines to compliment their upscale menu.


If you’re a big fan of Pacific Rim and Colombian cooking in addition to Seafood, you’re going to be overjoyed to know that Cartagena has a few options just for your cravings. The best one of all of these is Salou, which is also in the Historic District of the city. The décor is contemporary with clean lines and very attractive plating that makes everything you see a mouthwatering experience for the eyes. With six different varieties of ceviche alone, you’ll be in heaven by the time your fork hits your plate, and whether you’re in the mood for Tuna Tataki or a big helping of Calamari, you’re going to have a good meal. Locals and travelers also recommend the Arroz con Coco. 

Restaurant Arabe e Internacional

Those looking to find a nice and quiet place to dine on Middle Eastern fare will be floored by Bocagrande’s Restaurant Arabe e Internacional. The Arabic atmosphere is amplified by authentic music and the most delicious of dishes. Archways on the patio offer open air and street views while the interior has paneled ceilings and nicely spaced tables for extra privacy. Falafel and Baklava are just a few of the amazing eats at this restaurant, but if you want to try a little of everything, get one of their platters.


With a spacious dining room and the most delicious seafood in all of Cartagena, Palets is the place to eat lunch or dinner if you want to break up the monotony of dining in restaurants with heavy meals that are centered around a big hunk of red meat. Their Black Paella is not only visually striking but has to be the absolute best paella in Colombia, and the servers are warm and friendly. There are also a lot of hotels nearby, so you may be within walking distance of this gem.
Let’s face it, when you’re away from home, you’re looking for good food that makes the stretch of time between when you land and when you depart a bit more bearable. That’s why these five restaurants are such great finds! Their menus offer up fresh food that’s warm and as home-cooked as it gets this far from the comfort of your kitchen. Whether you’re in the mood for steak or seafood, or want Colombian, French, or even Asian cuisine, there’s something on our list that you’ll enjoy and want to write home about for sure!

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