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Travelling to Buenos Aires: What to do in the City

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If the closest you’ve ever come to Argentina is Madonna singing as Evita from a balcony you are in dire need of a BA update. This Southern city is sexy, confident and constantly bombarding you with it’s seductive mix of old-Europe charm and Latin American passion. Make Buenos Aires your next destination and we promise you’ll never want to leave. Here’s why…


The Food: Carnivores, get ready for platters piled with juicy steaks, flavourful sausages, and incredible morcilla (blood pudding. Try it, it’s surprisingly good). Look for the local parillas (steakhouse) on almost every corner and sit down to the best side of beef you’ve ever had. But BA’s culinary scene doesn’t begin and end with a ribeye. Thanks to the myriad cultures who have made the city their home, you can find Lebanese, Indian, Peruvian, Brazilian, Moroccan and a hundred other cuisines, all at reasonable prices. And don’t forget the incredible local wine – a full-bodied Malbec from Mendoza is always a great bet.


The Tango: If you were ever going to improve your dance skills, this is the place to do it. Dancing Tango has been described as “making love on the dancefloor” and you can pick up plenty of tips at the group dance classes held every day all over the city. Then take your newfound skills to a milonga – the late-night dance events where young and old, beginner and experienced slide sensually across the dancefloor. If you’re more of a looker than a doer, head to the neighbourhood of La Boca, where you’ll find couples dancing on the streets, or to one of the glitzy tango shows, where you can take in the history of the dance (originally men danced together) and often hear some wonderful live music.


The Nightlife: Nothing in Buenos Aires gets started before midnight, and friends often plan to head to the club around 3 or 4am. Be prepared to party until breakfast – and then some. It’s perfectly normal to have dinner at midnight, to go for ice-cream at 1am, and to dance until dawn on a regular Tuesday night – porteños – as the locals are called – are a hedonistic bunch, and when friends are like brothers, you don’t say no to a night out. And if things get steamy… ? Look out for the telos – surprisingly classy rent-by-the-hour hotels that save young people (who usually live at home) from having to sneak their new girlfriends in the back door.


The Language: If you speak Spanish already, you’ll notice that there is something decidedly different about the dialect here. With a strong Italian influence, the language in BA is a beautiful sing-song up and down, with vos instead of tu, and a sexy shhh sound when two l’s meet. And if you don’t speak Spanish, this is the perfect time to learn! Rent any movie with local actor Ricardo Darin, listen closely to the piropos (cheesy chat-up lines) shouted on the street, or grab a tutor during your stay and cram in as much as possible of the gorgeous accented Spanish. Trust us, porteños are even more friendly in their own language!