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5 Things You Need to Know About C2 Montreal 2018

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A rap star, a LGBTQ+ activist, a farmer, and an economist walk into a conference room. No, this isn’t the start of a joke; it’s the start of C2 Montreal 2018. The annual conference kicks off today, and runs until Friday, May 25th.

Want to learn more about this gathering of innovators? Read on to learn about C2 Montreal, who is attending, and how to maximize the conference experience.

1. C2 Montreal Attracts Superstars from Different Industries

Businesspeople getting together

Over 6500 participants from over 50 countries, and 20 different industries will be attending C2 Montreal. Participants include CEO’s of international businesses, entrepreneurs preparing to launch their first start-ups, inventors, and innovators.

You might find yourself asking what is attracting all these people to the same conference. C2 Montreal is designed as an event for the top minds in different industries to meet, learn, and inspire. The list of speakers for the conference is just as diverse as its audience. Snoop Dogg, Chelsea Manning, Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau, and Valerie Plante are all included in the list of featured speakers for 2018.

2. C2 Montreal is a Truly Modern Conference

C2 Montreal isn’t about the floors filled with exhibitors booths, or long lineups of dull speakers that you have to sit through just to hear the main speaker. With their “klik” system, C2 Montreal lets participants make their own schedule. Some people want to have a packed day of speeches and activities; others can opt to take some breaks to have a quick meeting outside of the event. C2 Montreal also allows participants to “split” their passes into daily passes, so if you can only attend one day, you can have a colleague attend the other two.

3. It Features Innovative Activities for Innovative Thinkers

Brainstorming is made new at C2 Montreal

Aside from the very exciting list of speakers set for this year’s edition, C2 Montreal has some unique activities for participants to develop new ideas and new relationships. The workshops complement the speeches, with speakers working with small, interdisciplinary groups to create a more participative experience.

The C2 Lab features a new, creative, brainstorming space each year, designed to help participants develop new solutions. Participants can also opt-in for for “braindates,” curated one-on-ones designed to bring people together. Braindates are a great way for up and comers to work with established moguls, or for an industry leader to get some insight from a newer business.


4. C2 Montreal 2018 is Sold Out

Unfortunately, passes for the 2018 edition are sold out. However, there are still ways that those without passes can take advantage of the conference. First, there is the option of split passes, as mentioned in the paragraph above. If you don’t know someone with a pass to split, C2 Montreal’s official Facebook Page will also be live-streaming many of their main talks. Give them a follow to hear from interesting innovators and leaders on how to create change.

5. Corporate Stays has Apartments for C2 Montreal 2018 Guests

Le Shaughn - Just minutes from C2 Montreal 2018

Corporate Stays, as an industry innovator, is thrilled to be able to host guests for C2 Montreal. We have a variety of apartments in the downtown Montreal area, with many of them very close to the conference at 2020 William Street in Montreal.

Aside from being a more modern way of staying in a new city, staying at one of our apartments can help alleviate some of the challenges of travelling for a conference. With a complete kitchen, access to amenities such as a gym and pool, and our dedicated executive concierge team, C2 Montreal participants staying with Corporate Stays will be able to enjoy both the conference and the city of Montreal, while enjoying the comforts of home.

Have you already booked your C2 Montreal pass but haven’t yet booked your accommodations? (Or, perhaps, you’re looking to upgrade.) Get in touch with the Corporate Stays team today; we have a number of options in Montreal, and our Corporate Housing Specialists will be thrilled to help you find your ideal apartment.