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Top 5 Places for Startups

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Making the decision to go after your dreams or follow your passion can be a bit scary, and when you make the leap to quit your day job and focus on growing something of your own, you want to know that you’re in the best place geographically to do so.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 places for launching a startup across the globe. This is based on each location’s amount of investor interest, networking opportunities, the number of resources, level of education, and other factors like economic growth or government initiatives. Check out what we found in our travels when looking at the best places on the globe for working on a startup.


New York City, NY

The Big Apple is a great place to begin something for yourself, but it’s going to be even more promising than ever for women. According to Fortune Magazine’s Kristen Bellstrom, Citigroup and the de Blasio admin will be providing “gratis services for 5,000 female New York City entrepreneurs.”. That’s going to help a lot of women to take their small businesses from their garages and into some major growth. Although the initiative is geared towards NYC women, it will be based on those who are under-serviced and live outside the core of the city, which means those who normally wouldn’t have the opportunity to receive help can see growth with their startups through education, mentor-ships, and much more. We recommend booking a furnished apartment for your next visit there !


Silicon Valley, CA

Silicon Valley is commonly found in top spots when discussing startups due to their influence on technology, but there’s another very compelling reason to point your wagon in the direction of California. Inc. points out that Silicon Valley saw $3.78 billion in funding from venture capitalists for tech startups last year, and that was only by the end of September. That means that there are a lot of investors in the area looking for the next hottest app, tech toy, or invention. There are also tons of opportunities in software and entertainment sectors of technology people are willing to invest in, and as long as the internet exists, there will be a need for new tech companies and their ideas. Find your own convenient and stylish apartment here and get ready to network!


Vancouver, BC, Canada

As blogger Tera Kristen points out in the 2014 Guide to Vancouver Startup Community, there are a huge amount of resources in Vancouver that are always there to help entrepreneurs get their bearings in the Vancouver startup scene. Whether these be meetups, support groups, annual conferences, workshops, or other great resources, you can see Tera’s given us a very revealing breakdown of all the places you can get help, and it looks extremely promising. Especially considering how many other things Vancouver’s entrepreneurs must have gained since back last year when her list was published. The Government of Canada also has tons of initiatives for helping out small businesses. These can come in the form of tax breaks, grants, and other assistance aimed at fostering small business growth, which has been a big goal in Canada. We’ve also got you covered accommodation-wise for stays in Vancouver!


Sao Paulo, Brazil

One of the sentiments about Sao Paulo and entrepreneurship is that the landscape for startups in Sao Paulo is considered very diverse whereas other areas of the globe are classically linked with one niche or another. Yes, it can take a bit to get the ball rolling due to the delays with government paperwork and other official hoops you may have to jump through, but people are flocking there anyway. One reason could be because e-commerce is going really strong in this nation. Forbes’ article on startups in Brazil by Ricardo Geromel states that “…Brazilians are already spending $13 Billion a year online.”, and this is with a mere 40% of the population being plugged in! Just imagine if everyone was like in North America. You could probably triple that number. It comes as no surprise that people from all over the world are looking at getting down to Sao Paulo for investment and funding opportunities. And it explain why we made sure we had beautiful furnished executive apartment rentals to offer there as well.


Tel Aviv, Israel

Israel is one of the world’s leading tech startup locales, and other than being a great climate for entrepreneurs and investors in this regard, it’s also a good place for product and service development. Katia Moskvitch of BBC News reveals that “Israel is a world leader in terms of research and development spending”, which makes it a great place for startups that are in need R&D and can partner with people who know-how to put that spending to good use. There’s even an entire website dedicated to Tel Aviv’s startup community. This is, of course, where networking comes in, but because it’s a contending area for tech startups, there are also plenty of angel investors and venture capitalists looking for new opportunities too.



And these five cities are just the tip of the iceberg. Because trying to get a startup off the ground can be a little daunting once you decide to really go for it, it can pay off in big ways to take these findings into account. And, if you need accommodation while you’re there, check out our great furnished apartments. This way, you’ll have a better idea of where the action’s at in terms of what your startup’s needs are. Onward and upward!