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Top 5 Canadian Cities to Relocate To Now That Trump Is President

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With the 2016 US presidential election just a week away, there’s a chance however unlikely that Trump is elected president. Whether you landed here by accident or on purpose, you’re among quite a few Americans (including Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston) browsing Google for a new home in the great white north: Canada. What are the Top 5 Canadian Cities? 

So in case you might need to jump ship in the next 7 days, CorporateStays has your back. Here are the top 5 Canadian cities you should consider calling “home” with a fully furnished signature collection apartment.



Top 5 Canadian Cities If you’re going to uproot your life, why not come to one of the most culturally diverse cities in North America? Montreal is commonly described as having traditional European architecture and a restaurant for every palate, but it’s so much more than that. The city is a mesh of old world charm and modern design. It boasts not the finest of international cuisine alongside mouthwatering local fast-food.

In a city that prides itself on culture, business and art are almost indistinguishable. The energy of the downtown core is contrasted by the laid-back vibes given off in the suburban West Island, the preppy borough of Westmount, and the eclectic Plateau. A highlight of living in Montreal is you’ll find greenery in spades. A short walk around the block and you’ll find yourself watching the leaves change in a massive park.

When in Montreal, do as the Montrealers do: Have Fun. Rain or shine, sun or snow, there is always a music festival, comedy show, or culinary event to be had. There is ALWAYS something to do in Montreal.

Get your piece of the Montreal pie!


Top 5 Canadian Cities

If you’re looking for a New York City north of the border, you’ve found it. Welcome to the business capital of Canada.

Architecturally, Toronto is an industrial behemoth towering above the bustling city street designed by some of Canada’s most creative architects.

Of course business attracts entertainment, and in Toronto’s case that means some of the best restaurants and theatre in the world. There are as many museums as there are Starbucks, meaning you’ll find no shortage of cultural expression.

When it comes to shopping, look no further than the Eaton Centre. Recognized as one of the very first multi-level glass-ceiling shopping malls in North America, it is just one of a plethora of shopping options open to Torontonians.

The 6 is calling, will you answer?



Top 5 Canadian Cities

In all of Canada, no views compare to those found in British Columbia, and Vancouver is at the centre of it.

It comes as no surprise that it recently ranked 3rd as the most liveable place in the world for it’s high standard of living and quality of life.

When it comes to food, Vancouver offers some of the freshest and most renowned sushi in the world. If you enjoy discovering the outdoors, you’ll find no shortage of options. Sailing, hiking, camping, and surfing are always an option.

Life moves at a slower pace, so if you’re looking for the bustle of the city, this might not be the spot for you, but if you’re coming up from Portland, California, or Vermont, it’ll be a little slice of heaven.

Adventure awaits!



Top 5 Canadian Cities

For the city that houses Parliament, you would think that Ottawa would be livelier, however not all is as it seems. The city is largely inhabited, employed, and sustained by employees of the federal government.

When it comes to transportation, there is no underground subway system. So locals are big on biking all over the city. It isn’t uncommon to see your 2:00PM appointment ride up on his bike, in a suit.

While you won’t find  an excessive amount of shopping malls, there is a good time to be had exploring the local restaurants and shops in ByWard market.

Canada’s capital graciously awaits you.



Top 5 Canadian Cities

If you’ve always wanted the perks of living up north without giving up the luxury of city living, then Quebec City is where you’ll want to settle down. “But I don’t know French”, you’re probably thinking to yourself. While it is true that Quebec as a province has a notorious reputation for having a bad relationship with Anglophones, it’s capital is a different story. Quebec City received a consistent flow of travellers from both within Canada and internationally. This heavy flow of foreign foot traffic means English is enough to find your way around the city.

Whether you’re in Old France or New France, the French know how to cook, so make sure not to eat too much on the plane flight over. Hiking trails are plentiful as the city is surrounded in swatches of nature.

Explore french Canada today!