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Top 5 Business Travel Tips From Corporate Stays Team


Here at Corporate Stays, we are always open to learn new things related to corporate housing and travel from our clients. Everytime we learn something new we believe it’s important to share that knowledge. We’ve already shared some healthy eating options you can find at Canadian airports and now it’s time to share some more business travel tips.

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or you’re new to the experience, you may end up with some good and not-so-good travel stories of your own. To let the good outweigh the bad, and to potentially make your travels go smoothly, consider these top business travel tips below.

#1 Business Travel Tip: Pick Your Luggage Wisely

Airports use dozens of different planes around the world. Your bag might fit perfectly into one overhead locker, then not at all in another. If there’s any sound advice we can offer you, it’s to find a piece of luggage that suits all your travel needs and stick with it.

Many business travelers prefer not to check luggage in because they travel light. However, you often face the struggle of trying to fit your bag or suitcase under the seat in front of you or the overhead locker. Take note of the sizing available, then go bag shopping. Once you find a bag that will undoubtedly suit all lockers, never let it go!

Business Travel Tips Luggage

#2 Business Travel Tip: Pack Dark Clothing

One of the lesser known business travel tips involves your choice of clothing. Most people know to pack light, but do you think about your color choices? The lighter the clothing color, the more visible any stains and marks. When you travel and don’t use serviced apartments with laundry facilities, you aren’t able to take care of them quickly. If your clothing is dark, no one will know that you spilled a spot of coffee on your shirt.

Business Travel Tips Clothes

#3 Business Travel Tip: Oder a Special Meal

Did you know you can eat before most other travelers on a flight if you order a special meal? In many cases, those who opt for dishes from the vegetarian menu tend to receive their dinner before anyone else. The sooner you eat, the sooner you can go to sleep and avoid the hustle and bustle of the dinner rush.

Business Travel Tips Special Meal

#4 Business Travel Tip: Use the Same Airlines

There are many benefits associated with using only a select few airlines. However, this is one of the lesser known business travel tips by frequent flyers. Where possible, use international airlines, so your first airline gains miles. Then, all the perks you get on your regular airline will be available on your international carrier. You may even find you get to benefit from free alcohol, baggage upgrades, and even food.

Business Travel Tips Airlines

#5 Business Travel Tip: Book Central Accommodation

One of the most critical business travel tips is to choose convenient accommodation. There is nothing more frustrating than booking purely on price, only to find it’s not proximate to anywhere you need to be.

The best type of accommodation is one that’s close to where your business proceedings will take place, eateries, and even shopping malls for recreational purposes in your downtime. If you can’t be central to life’s necessities, then at least ensure you’re close to decent transport options.

Business Travel Tips Accommodation

Most business travelers will have their own set of business travel tips they happily share with others. But how many of these above appear on your list? The next time you’re jet-setting the globe for business, pick the right bag, pack smart, be wise with your menu choices and choose accommodation that will be convenient for your travel purpose. You may find, then, that your business trips will go off smoothly.