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Top 5 Apps to Improve Your Productivity While Travelling

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Because we live in a vastly digital age, mobile apps are crucial to add a sense of order to our lives and make us more productive. When you travel for business, it’s too easy to feel like your life is anything but organized. You spend so much time on the road that you can often lose focus and direction. Productivity, too, suffers as a result.

We’ve included below some of the best apps recommended by our CEO to improve your productivity. These apps can set you back on the right track for both personal and business success.


The Workplace app is a seamless communication system set up by Facebook to enable professionals to take their work with them everywhere they go. Workplace allows you to connect with each member of your team, taking part in discussions, video calls, and projects. You benefit from a personalized news feed that’s ad-free and separate from Facebook itself while being able to access it on any of your mobile devices.

Workplace is safe and secure, meaning that any project you’re working on with your team can remain confidential – whether you’re working on it at the office, or halfway around the world like in the corporate accommodation industry. It’s one of the best apps to improve productivity because it enables you to keep track of all your business projects, even when you’re not with your team in person.

Apps To Improve your Productivity While Travelling


If you’re a busy business professional who spends more time in hotel rooms or corporate apartments than in your own home, then you’ll probably struggle with being able to switch off at night. Work can consume a significant part of your life, and being able to focus or falling asleep can be challenging. One of the best apps to help you to focus is called Calm.

Calm was rated the best app of the year in 2017. It provides breathing exercises, meditation techniques for sleep, and relaxing nature scenes to reduce stress. Calm, in essence, helps you to block out all those outside noises so you can focus on falling asleep.

Apps To Improve your Productivity While Travelling

Culture Trip 

Travelling for business, while tiring, can open the doors to some new opportunities. Rather than go directly from your office to your accommodation, you can use Culture Trip to experience more of the area in which you’ll be spending a bit of time. While, of course, your primary focus is work, there is no harm in spending time exploring cultural activities and trying new things in your leisure time.

Culture Trip offers you the chance to benefit from a better work-life balance which can make you happier and more productive in your job. 


As a business professional who travels a lot, it can be challenging to not only keep up with your daily work tasks but remember to look after your personal needs as well. Balanced is a revolutionary app that you can quickly consider to improve productivity. It not only reminds you to perform recurring tasks on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis but can tell you to do those less-regular tasks such as going to the dentist.


Every day offers you the opportunity to learn something new. However, what you learn can make all the difference to your life. Do you want to learn what your aunt Agnes had for lunch by browsing social media? Or, do you want to learn something educational, riveting, exciting, that can add value to your life? TED, a global community in app form, provides the opportunity to learn something new online, no matter where you are.

On your travels as a business professional, you are sure to have a few minutes up your sleeve while on the road. You can tap into TED, turn on a podcast, and learn something that could end up benefiting your life in so many ways.

Apps To Improve your Productivity While Travelling

When you’re looking for the best apps to improve productivity while travelling, you are sure to find there are options aplenty. To find out which app could benefit you, think about your weaknesses. Do you struggle with motivation, or with keeping track of daily tasks? Whatever you’re battling with, there is sure to be an app suitable for you!