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CorporateStays Presents: Our Top 10 Travel Apps for 2018

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Whether you’re travelling for work or for leisure, planning makes all the difference between a rushed and stressful trip and worry-free travel. Luckily, there are many travel apps that can help! From trip planners, to online marketplaces for flights, to language translators, there’s no shortage of travel apps that can help the tech-savvy traveller. But with so many different apps available, which ones should you choose? CorporateStays has put together a list of our favourite travel apps going into 2018; they could be a great help for your next trip!


Travel Apps that can translate

In a foreign country and don’t quite understand the local language? Never fear, the Google Translate app can translate dozens of languages through text or voice. Simply type, or record, whatever you need translated and enjoy the translation. You can even point your smartphone at a sign or other written text (like a restaurant menu) and the app will display the translation. Google Translate is available for free on Android and IOS.



Hipmunk was designed by the same team that brought us Concur. It will help you save time and money on your next flight by sorting through different travel sites and finding your perfect flight at the lowest available price. The user-friendly display makes it easy to visually compare results and choose the best option for you without the headache of manually visiting every single travel site. Hipmunk is available free, on both Android and IOS.


Stay connected to your weather forecasts, no matter where you are. Accuweather is one of the must-have travel apps for travellers who are jumping from city to city, and who want to be prepared for the day. Rain or shine, you’ll know what to expect when you hop off the plane with this free app. Accuweather is available for Android and IOS, free of charge.


Travel Apps for Itinerary planning

If you’re travelling with a large itinerary, TripIt from Concur will keep all your plans in one place. You can also track any expenses from your business trip with the original Concur app; your next travel expense report a breeze. Simply take a picture of your receipt, and within a couple of taps, you have your expense ready to be emailed. Both TripIt and Concur are available on Android and IOS for free.


Travel Apps for finding Wifi Hotspots

Many of these travel apps are helpful, but won’t do much without data. Travelling around the world, but don’t have a data plan for a foreign country? Wifimap shows you where the nearest free hotspots are and, even more helpfully, the app will also display login information. Wifimap is available for free on Android and IOS.



Travel Apps for Driving

Do you spend a lot of time travelling by car? If you’re driving through Canada and the United States, GasBuddy might become your new best friend. This travel app locates the cheapest and nearest gas stations to your location, updating in real time. Never again will you get stuck crossing your fingers on where to buy your gas. GasBuddy is free and available on Android and IOS.


Best Travel Apps for Public Transit

Citymapper will help you navigate a new city stress-free. With data integrated from real-time departures you can find the fastest route by combing any available modes of transport. This includes public transport, walking, Uber, Lyft, taxis, or even bike. You will also receive step by step directions on which exits or entrances to use for subways, metros, and trains. Citmapper is available free on Android and IOS.


Travel Apps for Vegetarians

If you’re a vegan or a vegetarian, travelling can be complicated by eating on the road. Finding a good restaurant in a new city can be a chore. Enter Happycow. This travel app locates the closest options for you and allows you to research your options and areas in advance. Happycow is available on both Android and IOS for free.

Quick travel tip if you prefer a home-cooked meal: All CorporateStays apartments come with fully-equipped kitchens!


Travel Apps for Exchange

For those who travel frequently, dealing with foreign currency is a daily occurrence. Constantly estimating exchange rates is a chore and can often complicate business dealings. Oanda displays up to date exchange rates, showing you the real cost of your transactions in real time. You can also use this app to trade currencies and set up alerts to make sure you’re always getting the best deal. Oanda is available on Android and OIS for free.


Travel Apps: Uber

The premiere app for transport, Uber is now available in over 630 cities worldwide. For a cheap, safe, and convenient ride in a new city, Uber is the app of choice at CorporateStays. As convenient as their cashless payment system is, Uber has made things even easier for business travellers by introducing business accounts, allowing you to easily record your business travel expenses. Uber is available on Android and IOS for free.

As you get ready to hit the road in 2018, don’t forget about finding somewhere to stay! CorporateStays has over 55 destinations worldwide, with apartments in prime locations. Our apartments are fully furnished, and equipped with wifi; you’ll be able to download whatever apps you may need for your next trip. Get in touch with one of our housing specialists today, and we’ll find you the perfect apartment for your next trip.