- Top 10 Nightclubs in Miami
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Top 10 Miami Nightclubs

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Miami is a well-known destination for catching some sun rays on SouthBeach, heading to the putting green for a little golf tournament or hitting the many malls for some retail therapy.

While these are all great ways to fill your free time in the city, make sure to keep some of your energy to experience to famous Miami nightlife. The choice of nightclubs, pubs and bars is infinite, but your stay in Miami isn’t which is why we prepared a list of our go-to Nightclubs.


Liv Nightclub

There is no nightclub quite like Liv, not in Miami nor the rest of the world. It should be a quintessential night out for anyone visiting Miami, and already is for anyone who already lives there. Several features contribute in making this club so special, but essentially the place is unique.


Space Nightclub

This is Miami’s nightclub that is dance orientated in every way. This is the city’s number one place to hear the most current and complete selection of dance music across the globe. Attracting a young and attractive crowd from far and wide, they provide the necessary dancing (without fail) to complement the intense and impressive selection of music that pumps out of the speakers.


The Mynt Nightclub

Right when you think you’ve found the perfect spot on the perfect beach, all you need to do is turn around to discover that you’d been missing something! The Mynt nightclub has an ideal, utopic location and it could not be better suited for where it is.


The Club 50

The Club 50 is a breath of fresh air compared to many of Miami’s other great night spots. It takes a step back from the likes of Liv, Space or The Mynt which we have already seen, and instead has a unique and uncomparable focal feature.

viceroy club 50 outside pool-001

The Mansion

The Mansion has everything that you want on a big night out, except for one difference: in The Mansion it will be even bigger. Take everything that you would normally expect in a club and imagine it taken to the extremes. The Mansion has a huge capacity and it fills it with ease.


The Delano Hotel

To a certain extent, The Delano hotel manages to incorporate the stunning Miami beach life whilst setting itself aside from it. It is, of course, right next to the party filled sandy utopia, however with its large hedge covered entrance, The Delano hotel is a step back from this, almost like a portal into another world.


Nikki Beach

The Nikki Beach is more than a club. It’s an award winning restaurant and favourite beachside spot for the rich and famous of Miami. It hosts a large amount of private parties, and is indeed the ideal place to do so, and its focus is very much on its stunning setting.


W Hotel

The nightlife at the W Hotel is another example of hidden nightlife that only attracts those in the know. This of course makes for an exclusive crowd who are only there because they know how good it is.


The Villa 221

Although primarily a place to host special events, its setting being a huge luxurious premises comprising of two The Mansions, The Villa 221 has hit the nightlife scene with true power. It is now one of the coolest places to party, and attracts Miami’s young crowd from all over town, as well as the international jet set.



Bardot is a one off place that has everything you might want in a smaller venue. It is artistic, intimate, welcoming and yet somehow wild. It is more than anything a great place to see live music. The artists that perform here are always a big deal and certainly know how to get the crowd moving.



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