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Throw in some culture on your business trip to Mexico City

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Sure, you may be there for meetings or a conference, but that’s not to say you can’t sneak in some art and history to enrich your next business trip to Mexico City. This country is brimming with incredible culture, history and traditions, and you can get a taste at one of the many museums and galleries dotted all over the city. So jump in a cab and get culture-hopping!


National Museum of Anthropology

The huge  National Museum of Anthropology in Chapultepec (Grasshopper) Park in Mexico City is one of the most extensive of its kind in the world.  There are numerous rooms that house archaeological artifacts (originals or replicas) from the numerous ancient cultures in Mexico, including Olmec, Mexica, Maya, Golfo, Aztec and others.  In one courtyard there is a reproduction of an entire building that has an intricate facade of carvings and designs that are very distinctive. Nearby, the folk dancers and other entertainers which perform in the park near the museum are also excellent and authentic, as are the vendors with their foodstuffs, etc. laid out on blankets in the park plaza.


The Murals of Diego Rivera

To see these incredible murals by a Mexican legend, head to the huge Education Department Building, where the paintings cover the courtyard walls. The stories of revolution and class struggle depicted in the murals, with their revolutionary themes, are very graphic and in some cases, quite amusing, but they do provide a very valuable insight into Mexican history and politics. The building itself is very grand – allow at least 1.5 – 2 hours to view the entire collection. Best of all, this attraction is completely free!


Chapultepec Castle

This 18th-century palace, known for its impressive gardens, served as the home of the Mexican President until 1939 and now houses the famous Museo Nacional de Historia. Movie buffs will love to know that part of the movie ‘Romeo and Juliet’ with Leonardo di Caprio was filmed here, but before it’s celebrity status, the castle was – and still is – famous for the extensive collection of art, European-style architecture, stunning courtyard and gardens, and great views from the top. You can tour the inside and take a look at the opulent living quarters – definitely worth the entrance fee.