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Three reasons we’re expanding in Panama right now

It’s not just the snorkeling – we love Panama for both business and pleasure, and our guests agree, which is why we’ve been hiring new team members, adding luxury properties, and encouraging you to come and see what offer in the capital of  this beautiful Central American gem.

Panama is great for companies: Panama has been ranked in the top 5 latin countries to to business for many year now (See the Latin Business Chronicle Index). It’s praised for its market openness and ease of doing business, with a strong economy and great infrastructure. The sectors of international banking, logistics, and trade are growing year on year,

Increasing demand from our guests: With huge multi-nationals like Dell, Caterpillar and 3M setting up everything from regional headquarters to call centers here, the demand for high-quality, furnished accommodation is increasing. We have requests from business travellers who are visiting the country on short trips, those who are posted for extended contracts, and clients who have decided to relocate on a permanent basis.

It’s simply one of the most beautiful countries in the world: Forget business for a moment, Panama City has become a stunningly sleek, modern hub, without completely losing it’s beautiful historic sites. And just outside the city lies a breathtaking expanse of mountains, beaches, valleys and islands. It’s like Paradise – but high speed internet is never too far away…!