TECHO Makes a Difference. Pledges Support.
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TECHO Fights to Make a Difference, Pledges Support


What is TECHO?

TECHO is an organization that works at providing temporary housing and supporting community development in the slums of Latin America. Currently, un TECHO para mi Pais, or “a roof for my country” has operations in nineteen countries including Panama and Colombia, as well as other countries where has locations.

TECHO, with the help sponsors and youth volunteers, builds temporary housing in slums across Latin America, and provides disaster relief housing to people displaced for instance by the major earthquake in Haiti in 2010.

How did get involved with TECHO? is also in the temporary housing industry, albeit in a very different capacity, providing luxury housing for a corporate clientelle.

When founder Vladimir De Suàrez met the founders of TECHO in Panama city and found out about the work they do, he saw an opportunity to connect people who want to help, and can afford to, with a great cause and great people working hard to make a difference. When asked why working with TECHO was important to him, De Suàrez talked a little bit about his vision for the project:

“I have been very interested in TECHO for many years, in addition to what I can do myself to help this excellent organization, I see generating interest in TECHO in our corporate clientelle. We provide housing to people in these countries living in very different circumstances, and if more people on the other side of the spectrum get involved we can really make a difference for these communities.” –Vladimir De Suàrez, founder and CEO.

How can I help?

  • To find out more about how you can get involved or donate directly to TECHO, visit their website.
  • In the new gift shop at 400 Sherbrooke in Montreal, with each purchase of items such as umbrellas, caps and bags, 1% of all sales go to TECHO.
  • Need an extra cleaning or late check-out, or even services such as extra beds? Relax and treat yourself! 1% of select charges go to TECHO.
  • Coming soon! will make it possible to donate directly to TECHO upon check-in, and through the website.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments as explores more ways that we can help TECHO in their fight against poverty. We are currently looking he possibility of doing some hands-on work right in some of the countries where we have locations, volunteering to help build a very different kind of temporary housing.

-Photo from via Flickr.