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We released a flexible cancellation policy for all our clean and serviced apartments and 50% off for all 14+ day self-quarantine stays.

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Corporate Stays: Beyond Business

The Ultimate Expat Guide: Discovering Your New City

An expatriate, more commonly referred to as an ‘expat’ is someone who moves their entire life to somewhere new outside […]

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10 Tricks That Will Help You Spend The Holidays Away From Home

Business professionals don’t always have the opportunity to go back home to spend the Holiday Season with their family and […]

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Five Things To Do Before Relocating

If you’re moving away, you have to have some loose ends that need tying up. It can be really easy […]

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Relocating to Vancouver? Here’s a handy neighborhood guide

  Vancouver is nothing if not diverse – as you’ll see if you stroll through its many neighborhoods and suburbs. […]

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Relocating? How to Choose your Montreal Neighbourhood

    We’re often asked which neighbourhood we’d recommend in Montreal, and our answer always depends on what it is […]

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Relocating to Ottawa? Consider the ByWard Market Neighborhood

Called simply “The Market” by those in the know, ByWard is a fantastic neigborhood in Ottawa located to the east […]

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