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Corporate Stays: Beyond Business

Tourist place in Halifax

The ultimate guide to have a great stay in Halifax

Halifax is an important city with a rich offer of tourist, beautiful buildings, corporate housing options and lively food and drink hotspots. Know about the most largest city in Nova Scotia and a major economic center in Atlantic Canada.

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Best Restaurants in Winnipeg for a Business Lunch

Winnipeg, Canada, experienced some of the strongest economic growth across all major metropolitan areas in Canada, which is why it’s […]

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Corporate Stays Presents: Best Travel Apps for 2019

With a new year comes a unique opportunity to try out different technologies. After all, don’t you want to begin […]

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Relocating to BC: 8 Great Restaurants in Whistler

At, not only do we want our clients to experience the best chalet rentals in Whistler but we also want […]

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5 Easy Recipes you can Cook in your Furnished Apartment Rental

I’ll just come out and say it: Room Service is a bit overrated. Overpriced, and under seasoned, you never truly […]

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Fine Dining in the Escazú Mountains of San José

Costa Rica is a destination that has made it’s way as one of the top Central American destinations for travel […]

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Eat Here! Sao Paulo’s Top Restaurants

Let’s face it, eating is one of the great pleasures of travel. And even the incredible aromas of delicious fare […]

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Great Restaurants for Business Gatherings in the Old-Capital

When you are in Quebec City for business travel, it’s not always easy to find the right restaurant for a […]

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Business Lunch in Panama City? Book these tables

If you need a chic address for an important meeting in Panama City you’re in luck – we’ve scoured the […]

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Trick or treat – which accommodation would you book?

We’ve all read them – the scary hotel reviews online, complete with photos of bathrooms and bedspreads that would make […]

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Chow down! What to order in Panama City

On a business trip or vacation in Panama City? Got the old rumble in your stomach,? Man, are you in the […]

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Off-the-beach adventures in Miami

When people think about Miami they normally default to the sun, sea and sand vision of this popular southern destination […]

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