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Corporate Stays: Beyond Business

Discover Corporate Stays New Destination: Winnipeg

In June 2019, Corporate Stays announced its expansion into the West of Canada, opening two new apartments in Winnipeg. LXTX […]

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The Ultimate Expat Guide: Discovering Your New City

An expatriate, more commonly referred to as an ‘expat’ is someone who moves their entire life to somewhere new outside […]

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Leadership Skills: How Do You Know If You Have Them?

Leadership is a very trendy topic which constantly appears in not only business related discussion. However, more often than not, […]

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Relocating to Montreal: The Best Neighbourhood Guide

If you’re relocating to Montreal, you will soon realize the cultural melting pot the city is. Located in the southwest of […]

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5 Amazing Brunch Spots in Toronto You Need To Try Right Now

Travelling on business makes you more inclined to deviate from your daily routine. And it’s easy to forget that breakfast […]

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Three reasons we’re expanding in Panama right now

It’s not just the snorkeling – we love Panama for both business and pleasure, and our guests agree, which is […]

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Get away from it all on your next business trip

Travel in general can be a stressful affair, but a business trip often magnifies the normal challenges, with busy itineraries, […]

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Business Travel Myths Debunked

Sadly the days of first class and unlimited expense accounts are over for most, and companies are trying to tighten […]

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The future of business travel

Forget space flight and flying cars – that’s kids stuff. The real, not-so-distant future of the humble business trip is […]

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Relocating to Montreal? Two Neighborhoods Ideal for Expats

It’s no coincidence that most of our luxury furnished apartments are situated in Downtown Montreal and the Old Port (or ‘Old […]

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Business Travel in Style

Getting dressed for a day at the office is one thing, but preparing for a trip (especially if that trip […]

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