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Sustainable Housing through One Percent for a Roof

We are excited to introduce One Percent for a Roof, a new way for the company and our partners to take part in the fight against poor housing conditions around the world. One Percent for a Roof is a way for corporate housing providers to invest in entrepreneurs living in impoverished and remote regions where access to traditional methods of funding is limited. Working with Kiva, a non-profit organization that facilitates project funding in impoverished countries, we can empower entrepreneurs working towards building sustainable housing projects around the world.Sustainable-Housing

One Percent for a Roof is an unique opportunity for corporate housing providers to reinvest in budding entrepreneurs in the housing industry. Being in the business of providing high-end and temporary housing, it is exciting to be able to create an opportunity for the development of sustainable housing projects in locations where funding is difficult to access. has already begun reinvesting a percentage of sales towards housing projects through One Percent for a Roof, and we would like to invite others in the corporate housing industry to take part in this exciting project. If more companies take part, we can really make a difference in empowering entrepreneurs and in developing sustainable housing projects in impoverished and remote areas.

For entrepreneurs who run a business out of their home, a housing loan can mean not only keeping their family safe and healthy, but it can mean improving their business and situation, ensuring a stable life for themselves and their family.

“Imagine if every time company or executive is looking for high-end temporary housing, we can also help someone in a remote area gain access to better housing.” Vladimir De Suarez, CEO of said of the project. “I believe that if every rental company in the industry is able to contribute, we can really make a big difference!”

Working in the industry, we understand how important housing can be to people, how a home can be so much more than a roof over your head. Let’s work together in the fight against poor housing conditions with One Percent for a Roof.