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5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Ottawa This Spring

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While visiting Ottawa in Canada, at any time of the year will prove to be a memorable experience. It can be even more so when you’re part of spring celebrations in the city. Not only is spring brought to life by the annual Tulip Festival, but by the myriad of other events in the area as well.

If you’re in Ottawa during spring, you’re bound to find there are many things to see, do, and experience. Make your visit a memorable one by checking out these local attractions below.

Canadian Tulip Festival

If you visit the city in May you can experience the breathtaking beauty of the world-renown Canadian Tulip Festival. Each year, over a million tulips bloom throughout Canada’s capital, including over 300,000 in Commissioners Park alone. As the festival’s main site, this is where you can stroll through tulip beds, snap epic selfies, listen to outdoor music and take a walking tour. Plan your stay during the Victoria Day long weekend and enjoy the captivating fireworks show.

Spring in Canada Tulip Festival

Tamarack Ottawa Race

During the final weekend of May each year, children, youth, and veteran runners participate in six individual race events including a two-kilometre run, a 10k and a marathon. The prestigious Ottawa Marathon attracts some of the best athletes from all corners of the globe and thousands of spectators who cheer them on along the scenic route.

Spring in Ottawa Marathon

Gatineau Park

As spring in Ottawa slowly turns to summer, the opportunity to visit Gatineau Park becomes available. This mecca is a ten-minute drive from downtown Ottawa and just 15 minutes from Daly Square, beautiful apartments for families and individuals.

At Gatineau Park you can experience some of the many hiking trails, visit the lakes and forests, and explore nature. The Park looks beautiful in spring and early summer and is also home to the Mackenzie King Estate, open from the middle of May until October.

Spring in Ottawa Gatineau Park

Rideau Canal

Get a taste of that beautiful spring weather in Ottawa, and exquisite scenery, by visiting the Rideau Canal.  The Canal, or Waterway, connects Ottawa to Lake Ontario and Kingston’s Saint Lawrence River. It’s 202kms long and gets its name from the French word curtain, for its curtain-like appearance.

The Canal offers some excellent biking trails and makes a lovely photo opportunity as well. It’s a short ten-minute drive from Claridge Plaza, one of Corporate Stay’s furnished apartments in the heart of downtown Ottawa.

Spring in Ottawa Rideau Canal

Canada Agriculture and Food Museum

Just a ten-minute drive from downtown Ottawa and 12 minutes from Corporate Stay’s stunning Tribeca East apartments is the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum. The Museum is a working farm with fun activities and educational demonstrations.

Spring in Ottawa also means there’s plenty of baby animals around – something that’s bound to appeal to young children. You’ll be so glad you made the trip when you see the calves, ducklings, foals, piglets, and lambs in the different barns and barnyards. If you attend before the end of May, there’s a sheep shearing festival as well.

Spring in Montreal Canada Agriculture and Food Museum

Ottawa is a beautiful place to visit at any time of year. However, spring in Ottawa is particularly captivating. Whether you’re visiting for the Tulip Festival or something else, make sure you book your comfortable accommodation!