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Business trip in Saskatchewan? Savour cuisines of the world

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Saskatchewan’s multicultural heritage shines through in the wide variety of restaurants you’ll find. The menus of most family restaurants reflect the hearty meat and potatoes fare of our early European settlers: steaks, chicken, pork, burgers, sausage and locally-made bread are staples. Imported seafood or the local freshwater catch-of-the-day add to the variety.

A variety of cuisines

Many fine dining establishments serve more exotic cuisine, from French to Italian, to fusion and beyond. A wealth of Vietnamese and Chinese restaurants have been supplemented with a new wave of Japanese and Korean in recent years, giving Asian food lovers a variety of choices.
Friendly pubs welcome you with great food and atmosphere, such as the Taverna Italian Restaurant, or maybe a quiet wine bar after a long day of sightseeing is more in order at the Cactus Club. From black-tie to drive-through, Saskatchewan always hits the spot.

A culinary heritage

The first wave of European settlement in the late 1800s and early 1900s saw new Canadians arriving primarily from the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia and Scandinavia. To this day, family gatherings and restaurant menus feature hearty traditional dishes that reflect these heritages: sausage, pierogis (also known by many variations including piroshkies), cabbage rolls, roasted meats and potatoes.

Innovation in the kitchens

While Chinese-Canadian restaurants have been a staple of small town and big city Saskatchewan for decades, the late 1970s saw an influx of new Canadians from Vietnam. Many of these families established restaurants, and as a result, Saskatchewan is blessed with an amazing array of Vietnamese choices. Within the last 10 years, a general increase in the popularity of Asian cuisine has led to a new wave of Japanese, Thai and Korean restaurants.
Saskatchewan’s doors remain open to new Canadians from all over the world. Restaurants featuring the flavours of Italy, such as The Taste of Tuscany, flavours of India, Mexico, Africa, France, Afghanistan and others allow Saskatchewanians and visitors to savour the flavours of the world.
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