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Relocating to Montreal? Two Neighborhoods Ideal for Expats

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It’s no coincidence that most of our luxury furnished apartments are situated in Downtown Montreal and the Old Port (or ‘Old Montreal’). It’s because most of our guests are business travelers or professionals newly relocated to this city, and we believe that these two areas offer the best options when it comes to working, eating, drinking, banking, and getting around. Here’s a rundown of the two neighborhoods so you can decide what will work best for you:


Montreal is like most other metropolitan cities in that its retail and financial centres are both located in the core or downtown area. The main street here is St. Catherine, which holds all the top high street stores, numerous malls, and two elegant department stores, Ogilvy and The Bay. Parallel to St. Catherine is Boulevard de Maisonneuve, where you’ll find large branches of most major banks. It’s extremely easy to navigate the centre on foot, and you’re within walking distance of the Museum of Fine Arts and the Contemporary Art Museum. In summer, you can enjoy outdoor festivals and concerts in Quartier des Spectacles and Place des Arts – two huge entertainment spaces perfect for passing balmy summer evenings when work is done.


The Vieux Port neighborhood of Montreal is known for its historic buildings and cobbled streets. Right on the banks of the St. Lawrence river, you’ll love the waterfront promenade – with room for joggers, cyclists, and rollerbladers – which leads to the Clock Tower Beach; perfect for urban sunbathing and people watching in summer. In winter, there’s often an artisanal market, ice skating, and glimmering Christmas decorations strung up over the streets. Notre Dame is the main thoroughfare here, boasting lots of chic bars and restaurants. The Old Port is also a great place for viewing Montreal’s famous fireworks, which you can catch June to August and on New Year’s Eve.