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Relocating to Canada? Top Cities For Business

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Have you decided that Canada is your next stop, but still uncertain of which city to choose? Here, we give you a quick overview of the country’s main business hubs, and what to do when you get there – whether you’re working, taking a break from work, or considering your next move.

Calgary Best for: Finding a Job

Recently ranked the top city in Canada to find work, Calgary has a healthy labour market and reasonable cost of living. The capital of Alberta has a flat 10% provincial  income tax rate, which makes it very attractive to young professionals seeking employment. And while it may be famous for it’s oil and gas reserves, there are jobs to be found in almost every sector, and the employment rate is one of the highest in the country.

Montreal Best for: Extending a business trip

Being in Montreal is like being on a vacation that combines the best of North America with the charm and romanticism of Europe. If you happen to be here for business, consider adding some extra time to soak up the city, whether you’re cross-country skiing on Mont Royal in winter or experiencing the heady excesses of the festivals in the summer months. Stroll around Old Montreal’s cobbled streets and admire the incredible architecture; wander through the world-class museums and galleries; or choose from hundreds of diverse, gourmet restaurants. Montreal seriously has something for everyone.

Toronto Best for: Starting a Business

Canada’s most populous city is often cited as Canada’s “hottest economy”, and according the the Financial Post, Toronto ranks in the top three Canadian cities in which to launch a business (along with Calgary and Saskatoon). Cost of living is much lower than in it’s sister city, Vancouver, and business setup admin is easier than in neighboring (bilingual) Quebec province. Add excellent infrastructure (plenty of non-stop flights to the U.S. and Europe) to a major baking and media hub, as well as government incentives, and you have conditions that are ripe for a successful startup.

 Regardless of where you’re headed, make sure you book your own furnished apartment to your next Canadian destination!