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Your Pre-Business Trip To-Do List

Business Travel

Packing your bags and preparing your itinerary are the most obvious things you’ll need to do before heading to the airport for an important business trip, but as they say, “the devil’s in the details”. Here are a few other tips to consider before you head off for corporate travel


Health and Wellness: Our guests love the fitness facilities that come with our apartments, because it means that they can keep up with workouts while on the road, but it’s important to make sure you’re fit and well beforee you travel. The week before your trip, make sure you’re getting enough sleep, eating right, and drinking plenty of water – airplanes are a breeding ground for bugs, and if you’re at all run down, they’ll take advantage of your tired immune system.


Connectivity: Roaming costs mean you may not have a data plan in your new location, but have you checked whether your accommodation will have a reliable internet connection? If you’ll need to stay in touch with family or colleagues back home, be sure to install apps like Skype and WhatsApp, so you can get updates and make video calls wherever you are. And needless to say, be sure that all your devices are fully charged the night before travel – available electric sockets at airports are like gold dust.


Downtime: As anyone on a stressful business trip will tell you – your downtime will be a welcome relief, especially if you’re suffering from jet lag. You may not be able to sleep when you need to, so plan for these hours of insomnia. Pack reading material and a favourite playlist, so you can unwind after stressful days of meetings, cab rides, and meet-and-greets.


The Unexpected: You’ll probably have thought of travel insurance already, but don’t forget to slip a small first-aid kit into your bathroom bag – asprin and band-aids can save the day when there are no pharmacies around. You may not be a talented tailor, but a needle and thread, or at the very least a couple of safety pins could come in handy if a button comes off your shirt or socks have a hole in a place where you may have to take your shoes off. It may not seem like a big deal to you – but first impressions count for a lot!