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Planning the Perfect Thanksgiving Getaway

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We may be well into November but believe it or not, there’s still time to plan a great Thanksgiving getaway. Whether you need an exotic break from it all, or you just want to get home to see the family, we have a few tricks up our sleeve that will make your last minute planning a lot less stressful and have you on your way long before the bird goes in the oven.

Find a flight deal

The key to finding a holiday flight deal is to be flexible with your travel days – especially if you’re booking late. Domestic travellers should consider departing on the Sunday or Monday before turkey day, and returning on Thanksgiving, or the following Tuesday. Try to avoid coming home on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, as this is the most popular day for return travel and you’re much more likely to run into delays, traffic, and restless crowds. For international travellers, try booking a departure date close to or on Thanksgiving Day and returning mid-week the following week for the best prices. Don’t forget that flight times come with different price tags too. The most expensive times to travel are peak business travel hours (8-10am and 5-7pm). Flights leaving very early in the morning are usually cheaper and, as an added bonus, have the best chance of not being delayed.

Airport Tips

If possible, look into alternate airports – many of the large, international hubs will be packed at Thanksgiving, while the smaller airports close by will offer cheaper flights and quicker transit times. Another way to bring down the price of your flight is to make a stop – though you should be sure it’s worth it; A small financial saving is not worth missing a flight connection because of a crowded terminal! If possible, avoid checked luggage and stow everything you need in your carry on – not only do suitcases mean add travel time and energy, but baggage is much more likely to go missing during this super-busy season. If you choose your accommodation wisely, many of the items you may previously have packed (extra towels, hair dryer, adaptor plugs, reading material) could be included. CorporateStays apartments, for example, come furnished and fully-equipped for long and short stays, with a concierge service that can source any other items you need.

Destination ideas

Love watching the Macy’s Parade on TV at this time of year? How about getting right up alongside those giant floats and marching bands? New York is a fantastic place to spend the weekend, with so many activities to choose from, and a myriad restaurants, bars and cafes in which to cozy up and escape the chill. If you’d prefer something a little on the sunny side, Miami is still a great choice in November, especially with kids, as Disney World Orlando is a doable day trip and temperatures are still in the 80s. For snow lovers, squeeze in some early winter skiing at Mont Tremblant in Quebec, Canada. Fly into Montreal and rent a car for the short drive to the mountains and a warm, welcoming cabin. For international travel, Paris is always in fashion, and as the Europeans don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, travel here is less expensive and less crowded than other times of year.


Because Thanksgiving is such a popular time for travel, many hotels and restaurants charge a premium for accommodation and meals, and are booked solid by mid-October, so you’ll need to think outside the box. If you’re not heading home to stay with mom and pop, consider a fully-equipped, furnished apartment (check out for all of our destinations). Not only will you have more space, varied locations, and a wide range of styles, you’ll also have a kitchen to cook your Thanksgiving meal, and a dining area in which to enjoy it. That sure beats turkey sandwiches on a hotel bed!