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Plan A Romantic Escape For Valentine’s Day (On Any Budget)

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Chocolates? Boring. Jewelry? Tricky. Underwear? Don’t even try… If you’re having trouble thinking beyond flowers and a meal out, we’re here to help. An unexpected trip away is the one valentines gift that will score you massive points with your significant other and, with you along for the ride, it’s a win-win for everyone. Here are some things you’ll have to consider:

Budget: First – you’ll need to figure out how much cash you can spend on this romantic gesture. If you’re in the ‘baller’ category, go ahead and reserve those tickets to Paris. You’ll want to check out our apartments there – incredibly chic and just minutes from the beautiful river Seine. If you want to get away but are a little strapped, you can always grab a cheap flight to Florida and check into our awesome studios in South Beach – she’ll love the luxury, but you’ll love the price tag even more. Then again, not everyone has the ability to get away for a few days during the Valentine’s day weekend. In this case, get away from the monotony of your own home and treat your significant other to an overnight stay in one of our luxury apartments in your city!

Location: February in the northern hemisphere is cold, so you’ve got to either reject it or embrace it. If your lover is more of a sun and sand kind of girl, then you should consider Costa Rica, Panama, or Miami. But if you guys are into snowboarding and getting hot by a rustic, roaring fireplace, then head up north to a cabin in the mountains and Mont Tremblant.

Timing: To really get this gift right, you’ve got to think about timing. Book a getaway at the same time as her friend’s baby shower or when she can’t get time off work and you’re screwed. If possible, check her calendars or call a colleague to help you clear her schedule or request secret time off. You can do some subtle in-person investigation by saying stuff like “I was gonna go see my parents/do a detox/babysit cousins  that weekend – do we have anything going on then?”

Packing: If you’re determined to keep the surprise right up to the airport then you’ll need to pack a bag for her. Even for an overnight stay in your current city means you’ll have to have something ready for them in the morning to change into. Most important – do not forget cosmetics and toiletries. Aside from clothes and shoes, she’ll need her deodorant, toothbrush, cleanser and moisturizer, as well as some make-up. Pay attention to what she uses in the morning and pack that!