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5 Secrets to Hosting an Unforgettable Office Christmas Party

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With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to begin planning the best possible office Christmas party. After a full year of hard work and dedication from your team, an office Christmas party enables everyone to sit back, relax, and have a few laughs with their colleagues – on the company credit card!

Our Corporate Stays workers already enjoyed their Christmas office party. But how about you? What have you got in store for your staff? If you’re not sure yet, then make the most of these five tips to plan the best office Christmas party yet. There’s still time!

Office Christmas Party: Time it Right

You are never going to be able to please everyone. To save time, frustration, and logistical nightmares, pick a date and time well in advance and stick to it. Even if not everyone can attend, you will surely get the majority if you let everyone know a few weeks in advance.

It’s important to think of your business model when you are planning the day and time. An after work party would fir your company better? Or during the weekend? Think about your workplace and your employees work hours. Each business is different, so consider the logistics of holding it at different times of the week or weekend.

Office Christmas Party Date

Office Christmas Party: Establish a Planning Committee

If you have a relatively large team of employees, then planning an office Christmas party can be quite challenging. You not only have to make sure you have enough space, but that you plan catering, and anything else you want to include in it. You can’t leave the organization to one person. What if they get sick or overwhelmed with their everyday job?

Establish a planning committee. Assign jobs and set up a group on a social platform, so everyone knows what’s going on. Having a select group of people also leaves room to bounce ideas off each other to create the best function yet.

Office Christmas Party Committee

Office Christmas Party: Alcohol – Yes or No?

Many businesses have horror stories about the last time they allowed alcohol at an office Christmas party. Sometimes, for the sake of professionalism and making sure your team know that proper etiquette still applies, it’s best to say no or limit the supply. Many businesses offer beer or wine or limit the number of drinks to 2 per person.

Limiting the alcohol supply can also allow you to cut the costs of your office Christmas party by several hundred dollars. Talk it over with your management to see which rules apply to you.

Office Christmas Party Drinks

Office Christmas Party: Set a Theme

If you plan on hosting an office Christmas party at your place of business, it can seem like any other day – except a few people are wearing paper hats, and there is free food. To add some festive cheer, consider organizing a theme. Let people dress up and decorate the office. It could also be fun to introduce a gift exchange, pulling a name out of a hat and buying a gift anonymously. If you want laughter to ring out across the office, think about small things that can make it a memorable party for everyone involved.

Office Christmas Party Theme

Office Christmas Party: Incorporate Team Building

There is much research to suggest that successful businesses are built on solid working relationships, so why not turn your office Christmas party into a team building exercise at the same time? Incorporate fun games and activities, promote competition, and pair up colleagues with people they may not work with every day. You will be surprised at how beneficial bringing everyone together can be.

Office Christmas Party Team Building

If you want the most unforgettable office Christmas party for your business, you need to be willing to put in the work. It doesn’t matter the industry you work in. Take note of these five tips above and create an exciting event everyone will love!