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Why we offer guests coffee machines for just 99 cents a day

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Ahhhh, coffee. There’s nothing like it – the heady aroma of those beans roasting, the warm jolt of flavour in the morning, the comforting cup in the afternoon that seems to be the only thing separating us from productivity and complete ineptitude. Coffee lovers, we hear you. That’s why we rent top-of-the-line Nespresso machines to our guests. Because when you’re staying with the best, you may as well drink the best. Oh, and we want you to enjoy all the benefits that coffee has to offer – check it out:

Good for the body

A cup of joe a day may keep the doctor away, according to a 2012 study. Coffee appears to lengthen the lifespan of certain individuals with diabetes and heart disease, and the benefits are the same whether you drink yours caffeinated or decaffeinated. Other studies have found that coffee may reduce the risk of certain cancers and  Parkinsons, and lead to overall better health of blood vessels. It can also lower blood pressure in the long term and is full of healthy antioxidants.

Good for the brain

At one time, coffee was regarded as a guilty pleasure, but it is now believed that coffee drinkers are less likely to develop dementia and Alzheimer’s later in life. You may regard your afternoon latte as a handy vehicle for caffeine, but a 2008 study found that even the smell of coffee can help reduce certain kinds of stress.

Good for your business

The benefits of caffeine on performance are well-known by now – it is extremely effective when you need to feel alert, focused, and clear-headed and it’s been proven to increase reaction times. On top of that, a study from the National Institute of Health has found that coffee can help reduce the likelihood of depression. It may even take you smarter – attention and logical reason are boosted by coffee, especially in those who are sleep deprived. And in todays hectic world, who isn’t sleep deprived?!

Treat yourself

So go ahead, next time you’re staying with us, ask your concierge for one of our sleek Nespresso machines  – waking up to a hot, roasted pot of coffee sure beats lining up at the local Starbucks, doesn’t it?