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Now Available in our Montreal Apartments: The Kube System !

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Kube Systems, created by Ramler International, feature the convenience of multi-device charging with portability, streaming audio playback & time keeping. It is a blend of innovation with intuitive technology. Have a look at the perks that these innovative devices offer:

Multi-Device Charging Capability
KS Portable features built-in Apple Lightning, 30-pin & Micro USB connectors covering all Apple, Android and Windows Mobile Devices. There is even the option of totally Wireless Drop & Charge capability. With the addition of two smart-charging USB ports, KS Portable can charge up to six devices simultaneously.

Ultra high-capacity battery
The built-in 18,000 mAh Ultra high capacity battery can charge your multiple devices for up to an entire day.

Qi Wireless Charging
KS Portable features Qi wireless inductive charging. This technology allows enabled Smartphones to simply be placed on top of KS Portable to begin charging without the use of cables.

Now that you have a better idea of just how great the Kube systems are, make sure to ask for one during your next stay with us in Montreal apartments. CLUB Members can benefit from this avangardist technology for just 1$ a day.

Contact us today to get a Kube for your next stay !

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