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The Newest Workplace Trends You Should Know About

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The workplace: it may not be your favourite place to be on Monday morning, but it’s an unavoidable reality. However, the old office scene is gradually changing, as the economy recovers and companies start to invest in the happiness and comfort of their workers.
The newest and most exciting trends in life at work are technologically innovative, encouraging employees to perform better by providing them with tools that increase their efficiency. Check them out below and maybe you could get the ball rolling in your own office
Bye-Bye Boomers
It may be obvious to those who are involved in management and to the underlings who have been counting the days until coveted positions open up, but very few people realize that their much older superiors are going to be bowing out of the job market regularly over the next 5-10 years. Baby Boomers are coming into retirement age right now, which will begin to broaden the job market for employees who are looking for promotions or would like to move into leadership positions that the Boomers have been occupying for as long as 30 years. This is a particularly exciting prospect for Gen X and Gen Y workers who have been daydreaming about finally having an office instead of a cubicle.
Tech Talk
The tech tools employees are expected to use will also be changing rapidly during the next few years. Cellphones are replacing land lines, and tablets will become a huge part of the workplace in 2015 too. Compact, completely portable, and less involved than a PC or Mac, tablets have just enough storage to be user-friendly, but not enough to store volumes of important and classified info.
Less Privacy
Sadly, the digital age is also working against people in the workforce. Social media and security software will make it difficult if not impossible to have privacy. Company phones are acquiring locator software in order to protect company property, but this also gives employers the ability to GPS said company phone.
In addition, the prevalence of social media is growing. According to Fast Company, “The fastest growing demographic on Twitter is the 55–64 year age bracket.” This means that company big wigs have arrived on the scene and have access to more of their employees’ info. This may also create an influx in firings based on social media postings related to work or morally, professionally, and politically unacceptable pictures, videos, and writings that no one expected that the boss would ever see.
Increased Productivity
While technology has completely destroyed workers’ ability to have and express personal opinions in an open forum, technology will also make it easier to perform tasks, freeing up time for additional projects and creating more output. Automation is also on the upswing, and this means time wasted on mundane tasks will be taken over by software and other tools that can send reminders and create schedules without much work on an employee’s part.
Fresh Meat
With a new, tech-savvy generation now finishing college, there’s going to be a change in the look of most companies come 2015. Dan Schawbel pointed out in Forbes‘s outlook for 2015 that “Gen Z’s …will become a major target for companies looking to recruit interns next year.”, and he’s absolutely right. These wide-eyed optimists have been dying for a chance to put the skills they’ve learned to use, and since most Gen Z’s have been in school for the last, well, 17 years, they’ll be dying to take up any opportunity they’re given. This could be a good thing in terms of adding new talent to a team, but it also comes with a lot of jealousy and competition between them and the Millennials.
Social Responsibility
Most office workers know all too well about the charity chain in their workplace, and in the coming years, more companies will begin doing their part.. It’s not so much about giving cash, but most companies do ask for donations of time or look highly upon those who volunteer for causes they’ve taken up. There will be more and more of this as the world becomes more interested in humanitarian efforts and charity at home.
In general, the changes coming to the workplace in 2015 aren’t completely new, they’re more of an apex of things which were stirring below the surface in prior years.
Whatever the trend, things are evolving and largely becoming better for the average employee who has been looking for something new, a better deal, or better tools. Those who are very socially conscious will enjoy greater opportunities to give back while racking up brownie points with the bosses, and kids who need to get their foot in the door will be doing just that. It’s an exciting time for expansion!

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