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New General Manager for CorporateStays – Welcome Frederic!

At CorporateStays, we take pride in our great team. They help shape the face of the company and work hard every day to make CorporateStays a leader in terms of corporate housing. Our newest addition to the team is Frederic Aouad, a motivated and driven sales and marketing expert. We are happy to welcome Frederic as our new General Manager.
Coming in with a strong hotel background, Frederic is an accomplished sales & marketing leader that was instrumental in the financial success of organizations such a Le St-Martin Hotel & Suites and Loews Hotels within the Canadian market.

1- What is your vision for CorporateStays in the upcoming months/year ?

To position CorporateStays as the leader, and de-facto one stop shop for corporate housing across Canada.

2- How do you plan on improving the service CorporateStays offer to improve client experience ?

By improving internal & external communication, setting clear expectations for our guests, and an increased sense of accountability towards guest satisfaction.

3- What are the key factors to ensuring CorporateStays runs smoothly ?

Aligning even more of our sales & marketing efforts towards a business clientele, and making certain we recognize its needs and specifically address them.

4- What do you believe will be your biggest challenge with CorporateStays ?

Realigning the company culture. We are named CorporateStays, its time for us to move towards a more corporate culture.

Welcome to the team Frederic !




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