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More of the Best Gadgets for Business Travelling

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Technology has proved to be a godsend for regular travellers, making journeys easier and more comfortable than ever before. New gadgets and gizmos are routinely flooding into the market, enticing the wary business traveler by promising an extra ounce of comfort, heightened connectivity and better productivity.

But which of these highly coveted items are actually worth buying? After wading through the sea of travel paraphernalia, only a select handful make the cut: those that offer the most access while taking up the least amount of space.  Here they are:


Kensington AbsolutePower Charger

It’s all in the name. The AbsolutePower promises to recharge three of your electronic devices simultaneously and is “the smallest, lightest most powerful charger in its class–all you need wherever you go.” With a streamlined lightweight design, it is easy to carry and easy to use and will keep you connected throughout your trip.


Universal Power Adapter

Do not underestimate the power of this plug. Weighing less than 8 ounces, the universal adapter holds the power to running all your electronic items abroad, and I cannot stress its importance enough! This should be one of the first things you pack to ensure that you are able to use all your appliances when you are away.


Compression Bag

Let’s be frank. The one-man-one-bag rodeo often contains a moment of sitting on your suitcase in order to zip it all the way around- we’ve all been there. The solution comes in the form of a dual zippered compression bag can hold more than 4 outfits and still have room to spare! Take a look at this nifty helper from Flight 001.



This ingenious idea is a great way to reduce your international phone bill and annoying roaming charges. Instead of the hassle of looking into local SIMs and call plans, KnowRoaming offers a SIM sticker that allows you heavily discounted call rates in over 200 countries! Easy to use and incredibly convenient for frequent travellers, KnowRoaming has come up with something absolutely great!


Franklin Global Translator

Communication is key to any business venture, and this handy translator by Franklin will make sure you are never lost for words. Translating to and from 14 different languages, this device also holds pre-programmed phrases to help you find your way. It also contains a USB port in case you want to download entries from your computer on to your device!


Livescribe Smartpen

After one too many business meetings, it may be entirely possible that your mind starts to wander… and for times like that, there is the Livescribe smartpen. This writing tool records everything being said and everything you write (on compatible paper) and syncs it to any tablet or smartphone. It is super convenient for relaying immediate information to others in a group, as well as storing information for later!


These travel accessories have gotten the nod from seasoned road warriors and globetrotters so you can be sure of getting your money’s worth. Write to us and let us know what your favourite travel accessories are, and don’t forget to stay at a furnished apartment for the best experience!