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Mmmmmiami melting pot: great ethnic cuisine to try in South Beach

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Please, please, don’t go to South Beach and stick to hamburgers and fries. We know you’re better than that (even when tipsy). Miami is the easiest place to do a culinary world tour in the short span of a few blocks (true, there is a decidedly Latin bent to this tour) – so work up an appetite and see if you can fit all of these delicious specialities into your trip:

La Ventana/Bolivar – Colombian: Although they can be found all through Latin America, Colombia insists that it is the birthplace of the humble Empanada, so head on over to these two favourites for a taste of a true original. It’s a deep-fried, golden corn bread sphere stuffed with meat and potatoes, served with a spicy Aji sauce. Come hungry – these little guys don’t look that big, but you may not be able to fit seconds! And if that sauce is a little too spicy for you, order a Refajo – a refreshing Colombian beer/soda combo – to wash it all down. Salud!

Las Olas – Cuban: If you’re just waking up and need a jump start, get yourself to no-frills Las Olas for a cafe cubano and a buttered Cuban toast. If you’re ready for more, you can find eggs, bacon and the other breakfast regulars on the menu too, but the sweet, short Cuban coffee (colada) is the star attraction.

Tap Tap – Haitian: Although you may hear that this place serves awesome Mojitos (and it’s true) the real treat at Tap Tap is the authentic Haitian food. Go for the Dire Kole (rice and beans) with creole sauce for a filling (and cheap) dinner. Be sure to check out the murals on the wall and if you’re there at the weekend, you might even be treated to some live Caribbean music!

Jerry’s Deli – Jewish: Got a sweet tooth? Satisfy that craving at Jerry’s with an oh-so-good Rugelach. This s a small croissant-shaped cream cheese dough cookie traditionally stuffed with chocolate or cinnamon – so good you’ll want to buy extra and pack a few for the beach.

Milani Gelateria – Italian: Absolutely perfect for when the mercury is rising outside, this Italian ice cream (or more specifically ‘Gelato’ – ask about the difference while you’re there) is a must. Choose your favourite from the rotating freezer which contains that day’s choices – we recommend you try a little of 2 or 3 for the best taste test!