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How to Mix Business and Pleasure During Your Trip to Montreal

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Business traveling is not always meetings, business lunches, conferences or a walk in the park. Whether is to close a deal, a seminar or to finalize the big sale of the quarter, these trips have the potential to be exhausting. But don’t let this stop you from making some free time between appointments to attend events in Montreal or to have dinner at one of the best restaurants in the city.


You would balance work and free time with a strategic plan during your business trip to Montreal.
You would balance work and free time with a strategic plan during your business trip to Montreal.


The businessman or businesswoman has a lot on the plate. We know balancing work and free time isn’t easy in today’s fast-paced world. That’s why it makes sense to strategically plan leisure activities around work trips, if possible.

Every little bit of help counts. Here is a small guide of the best addresses in Montreal to enjoy the city after office hours on your way to the executive suites where you will be staying.


Go for dinner and have a great drink


Let’s be honest: you usually have to get up early during your business trips. So, you’ll be seeking to find a good restaurant not too far from your rented apartment, where you can have a few drinks before collapsing into bed before eleven PM.



During your business trip, you can enjoy better places in the city.
During your business trip, you can enjoy better places in the city.


Montreal is the land of maple and has a wide variety of cuisine. From poutine, fine French food, international cuisine, to low-key neighborhood haunts. You must be prepared to taste the best food and drink Montreal has to offer.

Here are some interesting places (Recommended by Eater Montreal) in which you can dine and stay awhile:


  • Au Pied de Cochon: It’s a staple of Montreal gastronomy. Greasy and sweet, pig and duck, frankly Québécois, and it has a unique atmosphere. Please, do not forget to book ahead of time! It’s located at 536 Duluth Est.
  • Toque: It’s a mainstay of the Québécoise gastronomic identity. Pioneer of cuisine made with local and seasonal products. You can taste unique cocktails of homemade infusions and syrups. It’s located at 900, place Jean-Paul-Riopelle.
  • Chez Alexandre: It’s an institution on Peel Street. It’s the capital of steak tartare. Chez Alexandre is not only a good French brasserie: the food is excellent, and the restaurant is large enough to accommodate groups; there is also a cigar lounge, so those wishing to stay after dinner have the leisure to relax without being disturbed. It’s located at 1454 Peel Street.
  • Foodchain: if you love vegetarian food or salads, you cannot miss this restaurant. It has several combinations of shredded vegetables and vegan options. There is also a minimalistic and fast foot spot atmosphere. It’s located at 1212 Avenue McGill College.


After work, you can have time to relax with a drink in a great bar in the city.
Taken from Eater.com


After having great dining, there’s time to relax with a drink in a bar. Whether it’s an all Canadian cocktail, some ice wine, a locally brewed beer or a whiskey, there are lots of drinks you can enjoy during your night. Here are some unique places in Montreal:


  • Burgundy Lion: It’s a pub in the traditional English sense. The food there is amazing! but is the selection of imported beers that makes it even greater. It’s a very elegant place. It’s located at 2496 Notre-Dame St. W.
  • Confessionnal: Although it usually is a nondescript EDM club, Tuesday night its an open-mic night and some of the most beautiful voices of the city go there to get a little bit of on-stage practice. Check-in advance if the event does occur and let it surprise you! It’s located at 431 McGill St.
  • Saint-Elisabeth: It’s probably the most beautiful terrace in town. It’s mostly a summer destination but you can enjoy it in other seasons as well. It’s located at 1412 Rue Sainte Élisabeth.


Montreal has a rich variety of drinks.
Taken from burgundylion.com


Must attend events and festivals


Festivals and events are the key elements of life in Montreal; therefore, you don’t want to miss them. You’ll find this city is considered the festival city, you can find one almost anywhere! They have one to celebrate jazz, food, dance, comedy, seasons, sports and many more. Music is another area that reaches the top of the list among Montrealers.

The major events are Fête des Neiges, Igloofest, Montréal en Lumière, Mural Festival, Canadian Grand Prix, International Montreal Jazz Festival and Taste MTL. But there’re countless more.

As the offer is huge, it’s difficult to mention you each festival or event where you could feel the Montreal’s unique festival vibe. So, visit the Montreal website to discover the schedule for the full year. Who knows? Your favorite hobby might be on celebration while you’re in town!


You can enjoy the festival in Montreal.
You can enjoy the festival in Montreal.


Some awesome coworking space


Coworking trend is growing rapidly all around the world, and Montreal isn’t the exception. When you need peaceful office space, you will find several hot desks –near to the furnished apartments for business travel– as a coworking space with amenities included. Some of them are:


  • Montreal Cowork: Is one of the best places in the business. It has a common workspace area and equipped meeting rooms. You can get daily passes or plans for some days. It’s located at 4388 rue Saint-Denis, bureau 200.
  • The collective: It’s a unique working place in Montreal. When buying the membership, you get early bird access on all their parties and events. Collective is located at 60 St Jacques St. Right behind a coffee shop, when you can order anything and it will deliver right to your working space.
  • Le gare: It’s a place full of techies, designers, and artists thus making it all the more dynamic. It’s located at one of the best areas in the Montreal city, in 5333 Casgrain Ave #102.


To make the most of your leisure trips and to take pleasure in fun activities, choose the right housing for you. At Corporate Stays, we have the best located fully furnished apartments for long term rental in Montreal for not letting the opportunity to benefit from a better work-life balance pass by you.