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Why you may want to choose a car transportation service when moving to Canada


If you’re coming from abroad, you’ll have little choice but to ship your vehicle. But if you’re relocating from the states, you may be torn between driving up and using a car transportation service. We’ve served many guests who have relocated over the border, and have found that leaving the transport to the pros can have many benefits – here are a few of the big ones:

Gas Prices

Petrol prices may have stabilised from what they were a few years ago but are still quite high. Paying someone else to transport your car might save you money when compared to filling up and driving it yourself. Car transport companies will usually bring multiple cars to the same destination. This means that the cost of fuelling and using the transport service provider will be divided among many customers. This lowers the price and passes the savings on to you, the customer.


Driving long distances, especially if you’re thinking of driving through the night, can be risky. Car transport companies use large, and in some instances, enclosed trucks and transport vehicles which are much less susceptible to accidents and damage. Auto transport companies may also have insurance policies available that assume all liability of damage if an accident does occur. This means that even if something happens to your car, you pay nothing out of pocket to have it repaired and made good as new. If you were to damage your car while driving it, you would assume all liability and associated repair costs, and no one wants to deal with an insurance company just after relocating!

Time and Miles

When you use a transportation company, you’ll also save hours, maybe even days, of time! It takes almost an entire day to drive from New York to Montreal – and that’s a short drive compared to most US cities. That’s time that you could be on and off a place, inside your new accommodation, and unpacking, and eating your first meal out in Canada! Not to mention that you can add thousands of kilometres to your car, lowering the resale value and requiring an extra oil change to boot. If somebody else is moving your car for you, it frees up your time so that you can take care of the most important issues that require your immediate attention.

When you use a car transportation company, you are not just paying for a service. You’re paying for peace of mind. The benefits from using a company are significant and allow you free time and the opportunity to have your vehicle available wherever you may be going.