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Meet our New Montreal Partners!

Inside started as a small startup company based in Montreal. We have since grown to include locations and branches in cities across the globe but we are haven’t forgotten our roots. When selecting partners we try to find services that can be useful to our clients and we also look for that same entrepreneurial spirit that helped us grow to where we are now. Today we’re excited to announce three new partners, Chef on Call, Diplomat, and TECHO!

Meet Chef on Call :

Chef on Call is a gourmet food delivery service offering fresh meals at convenient hours. Chef on Call was started in Montreal by a group of recent graduates from McGill and Concordia who wanted to offer a fast and delicious alternative to the usual delivery fare. The company has been growing fast since opening their first restaurant and now serves two locations in Montreal. is proud to partner with this entrepreneurial company based in Montreal, with a location right next door to our home base! With such a delicious food-delivery option so close, we’re please to be able to offer our clients a discount. Be sure to look for the menu and discount card in your room!

Meet Diplomat:

Another amazing Montreal company, Diplomat sells premium electronic cigarettes. E-cigarettes are a safer and cleaner alternative to tobacco cigarettes. Since Diplomat cigarettes to not create any smoke, only a flavored vapor, they can be smoked inside without bothering anyone around you. This sexy alternative to cigarettes has been gradually gaining popularity in recent years and now you can try it for yourself! In line with our non-smoking environment in all our apartments we are now selling Diplomat e-cigarettes at our front desk. Stop by the lobby of 400 Sherbrooke to visit our front desk and boutique where Diplomat e-cigarettes are available for purchase, as well as a variety of other useful items.


Un TECHO Para mi Pais, or “a roof for my country” is a charitable organization working with youth volunteers to build temporary housing in slums and disaster areas across Central and South America. Our CEO, Vladimir De Suàrez has been interested in TECHO for many years because they are doing important work in countries where we have locations. In a way, is in the same industry, although in very different market segments. This year was finally able to begin supporting the work TECHO does by contributing a percentage of profits from service extras and from items for sale in our new gift shop to TECHO.

Where you can find our new partners:

  • Use your Chef on Call discount card provided in your apartment for a 15% discount! Find a Chef on Call menu in your apartment or check their online menu.

  • Diplomat e-cigarettes are available for purchase at the front desk on 400 Sherbrooke.  Choose between individual or packages of nicotine-free electronic cigarettes. Individual e-cigs are $12 and they last as long as a whole pack of conventional cigarettes. Diplomat packs are $40.

  • Add an extra cleaning service, order an extra bed, or service like late check-out and 1% of all charges will go to TECHO.

  • Purchase one of our boutique items like our cute umbrellas and bathrobes available at 400 Sherbrooke and 1% of all sales will go to TECHO.