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Introducing Our New Partnership with Uber

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Whether you are traveling across town yourself, or you want to impress a client, Uber makes hiring a private car simpler. The innovative car for hire app has just opened in Montreal and is excited to announce their new partnership with Uber! Our guests can now enjoy a discount on their first ride with Uber, so you can try out the app for yourself today!

About Uber

Uber connects people with private town cars and creates a seamless way to order and pay for your car. Once you have signed up and uploaded the app, it is simple to order a car, see what drivers are in your area, and watch your driver travel towards you in real time. After getting where you are going, there is no need to pull out your wallet as Uber automatically arranges payment right from the app. You can even share payment among passengers, with equal amounts accounted to each user using the fare splitting option, there is no more need for IOUs or arguments.

New partnership for

Innovation and forward thinking is a big part of the spirit of, our exciting new partnership with Uber was a natural step for us. Uber is a company that is rethinking how people get around and applying new technologies in a really intuitive way. Revolutionizing the old way of doing things is definitely something we can get behind as we are always trying to find smarter and better ways to serve our clients. We know our guests will love the opportunity to try this innovative new service for themselves, at a discount.

Call today to book your next furnished apartment and be sure to ask about our new Uber discount. Guests of can enjoy $20 off on their first ride with Uber. Try them out soon!