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Meet Mitch Garber, A Montreal Made Entrepreneur

From the Concierge, Montreal, Ottawa

You’ve probably seen him as a judge on Dans l’Oeil du Dragon, Quebec’s version of Dragon’s Den. Mitch Garber is the definition of an entrepreneur and has agreed to share some of his wisdom with us. With a bachelor’s degree in industrial relations from McGill University and a law degree from University of Ottawa, this lawyer turned entrepreneur is the CEO of Caesar’s Acquisition Company (which controls Ceasar’s Interactive Entertainment, Planet Hollywood, Bally’s Las Vegas, just to name a few). He sits on the board of many foundations, like Business Families Foundation and One Drop Foundation (led by Guy Laliberté).


Q: Hi Mitch! Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. We know you must be travelling a lot for business. Are there any tips you’ve learned over the past few years, while travelling for business?  How do you make the most out of your schedule?

A: With time you learn to maximize your time, and with age you learn to be more reasonable with that time. I used to jump off a plane in Europe and run directly to a meeting. Now I make sure to sleep on the plane, and get to the hotel, get a coffee, shower, change, and start work. Sleeping on planes is the key to success… Otherwise you’re a zombie… And zombies don’t make a lot of money.


Q: What do you like to do when you visit a new city? Any rituals or routines?

A: I like to walk every new city. Walk into a bar or restaurant and sit at the counter and ask the bartender or the person next to me a bunch of questions to get local answers. I do a lot of research to make sure I know the hottest restaurants as well. I’m a foodie… But more someone who enjoys the atmosphere of a cool place even if the food is just mediocre. I also look for ideas that can work in Las Vegas.


Q: You’ve accomplished so much already, but what are you most proud of in your professional career?

A: I think I am most proud that my peers respect me, and the people who worked with me and for me in my prior companies have almost all maintained relationships and friendships with me. Spreading goodwill and never forgetting people is satisfying and it comes back to you.


Q: We’ve all seen you give great advice on «Dans L’Oeil du Dragon». What advice would you give your 20-something year old self, back in the days?

A: The old saying that it’s a marathon and not a sprint, is one of the most true sayings out there. When you are 20, 50 seems an eternity away, but patience, hard work, no short cuts, no easy money, that’s the path.

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