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Give back with this Xmas


Although we deal with luxury accommodation, products, and services here at, our underlying philosophy is simply making people happy and comfortable, whether they have been through a divorce and need a place to stay, are on vacation, have suddenly relocated to a new city, or are going through difficult times. So it’s in keeping with these values that we are partnering with Moisson Montreal to set up a food bank drop-off box at our 400 Sherbrooke West reception desk.

We encourage our guests to give generously to those in Montreal who need it most – we are accepting both financial donations (which will be used to buy food) and non-perishable food items which will be added to Christmas baskets for the less fortunate. Great items include canned vegetables, soups, pasta sauces, and tinned fish. As part of their ‘Feed the Holiday Spirit’ campaign, Moisson Montreal hopes to collect enough food to create 15,000 baskets with 25 items in each, enough food donations to prepare 25,000 holiday meals, and a collection of food to distribute to partner organisations throughout the holiday season for emergency care of those in need. We hope that staff and guests of will contribute a generous amount to this very worthy effort.

The collection box is now in place, and will remain in the reception area until December 20. We believe it is extremely important that those of us who are lucky enough to have more than enough help those who are going through hard times. Join us in sharing the real spirit of the holiday season.