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How to be a ‘green’ business traveler

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It’s all well and good to separate recyclables from trash and use that canvas shopping bag at home, but how many of us think about our eco-impact while on the road for business travel? Here are three great ways you can be environmentally friendly even when you’re far from home:

Transport: The reality of business travel is that flying is simply the only option when it comes to far-flung destinations, and biking to our meeting once we get there is hardly feasible. However, it is now really simple to offset your carbon emissions and ensure that for every flight you take, trees are planted, wind farms funded, and the planet keeps on ticking. Try resources  like Windows Flight Calculator or check out the  Carbon Travel Tracker iPhone app. In addition, boooking direct flights and taking the airport shutttle bus into town rather than a taxi are also great ‘green’ travel measures.

Accommodation: Think about your accommodation options. A long term stay in a hotel often involves waste from daily laundry, cleaning products, and unnecessary trash bag replacements. Consider a furnished apartment, which is serviced less often or at the end of your stay – and be aware of leaving lights on and electronics like phone chargers and laptops on standby.

Work: Do yourself and the environment a favour and implement a paperless policy on business trips. With all the online file-sharing software and sites out there now, there really is no excuse for travelling with a folder full of outlines, reports, minutes or briefs. Make a point of snapping pics of new business cards rather than taking them from the person offering (much better for your records too) and keep important docs like a scan of your passport, business plans, and resumes on your laptop or tablet. This handy pocket projector can beam anything you’ve saved onto to a screen or wall during meetings.