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Why you should go to South Beach in September

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A vacation in September may sound a bit chilly, but it doesn’t have to be! For sun and summer lovers, South Beach in Miami is your perfect beach destination during the cooler months, as it’s nice and warm year-round. No need to bundle up, so start packing that bikinin as we dive into why South Beach is just the place to go next month!


Weather: Miami is known for being subtropical, so the temperatures stay pretty warm year round. In September though, the temperatures average a bit lower than in summer (which can be a bit too sweltering), and you’re less likely to see rain and storms. Keep in mind that it can be a gamble, as hurricane season is still around, but the minor risk is well worth the reward!


Crowding: Hate the pesky crowds that seem to dominate the beach in July? Coming in September will just about guarantee you’ll have a very small crowd to wrestle with. No need to worry about them at all, especially if you like to hit the beach in the mornings. It is actually among the least crowded times of the year! Take to the nearby restaurants for a great experience without waiting in line forever, and visit some of the local shops without having to fight for a fitting room.


Prices: Around this time of year, flights are going to be much cheaper and easy to get. The prices are typically at their absolute best around Sept/Oct, before tickets start to jump for thanksgiving season. Forget driving, take to the air! Once the flight is booked, check out our awesome South Beach Apartments, we often have great September deals.


Calm and Quiet: After a hectic summer, this really is the time to get away from it all and relax.  Fall is the time that everything is winding down to a slow, even pace, and what better place to stretch out last of the sunny months, get away from all the stress of work and home and simply relax? Go out for a long walk, get a tan, read a book, whatever you want to do! Take a load off, you’ve earned it!