Get to know us! Interview with Zenen Duartes, Executive Concierge, Panama | Corporate Stays: Beyond Business
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Get to know us! Interview with Zenen Duartes, Executive Concierge, Panama

Corporate Housing, Panama

This week we’re taking you down south, to the tropical city of Panama, where palm trees and glass skyscrapers form one of the most memorable skylines in Central America. And who’ll be taking care of us while we’re there? That would be Zenen Duartes, a new member of our team who brings dedication, imagination, and excellent service to the table!

CS: What’s your background? How did you become an Executive Concierge?

ZD: I ́ve been in the Customer Service Industry for over eight years. Last year I started to work as a Lifestyle Manager for an International Concierge company named Quintessentially. This is a private club with offices in over 62 cities around the world. As a Concierge, we do everything to provide solutions for our clients from coordinating an airport pick up to finding a hat designed by Lady ́s Gaga designer.

CS: What are the most common requests for the concierge at Panama?

ZD: Our guests in Panama are very easy to take care of! The most common requests I get are for the airport shuttle service and apartment cleaning.

CS: What do you think makes the concierge service different from hotels?

ZD: We pay attention to details. It is not just providing a service but understanding what the real need is and how we can offer a solution that fits well.

CS: What are some things people don’t realize they can ask the concierge for? 

ZD: People do not realize they can ask for anything, we are here to make life easier! What do they need? Entertainment, tours, dry cleaning, baby sitter, language courses, car rental, flower delivery, a yacht? They just have to ask for it.

CS: Tell us a little bit about the airport shuttle service

ZD: We offer a private shuttle service, using professionals in this area. People that know how to treat the customers. In Panama, this service cost $40.00 for 2 passengers and every additional passenger pays $10.00 up to 5 people. We also offer group transport from the airport at a very competitive rate.

CS: What do you think makes a really outstanding concierge?

ZD: The passion and the memorable experience you create. I need to make sure that the experience we provide will make the guest come back and use our service but not only that, we also want great referrals!