Get to know us! Interview with Steve Ouimet, Operations Manager, Montreal | Corporate Stays: Beyond Business
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Get to know us! Interview with Steve Ouimet, Operations Manager, Montreal


If you’ve been following our blog recently, you’ll be acquainted with two of the lovely ladies, Laurence Montplaisir and Johany Parra. Now it’s time for the guys! Meet Steve, our omnipotent operations manager in Montreal.

CS: What’s your background and how long have you worked for

SO: I have been with  for  a little over six months; I come from an international hotel and resorts management background, and I worked in resorts in the Caribbean, on cruise ships, and for a business apartment rental company in Paris.

CS: What surprised you when you started working here?

SO: The energy devoted to rethinking the way corporate housing is generally perceived.

CS:What does a typical day’s work look like for you?

SO: I start off the day with the 8am team meeting where we set the goals and communicate with the team briefly on on the important subjects, then I follow up with the operations of housekeeping, the concierge team and our Guest service agents, to insure the quality of services, then I get to work on bettering our operations by contacting the different suppliers and finding solutions to improve on the way we operate.

CS: Why do you think has become a leader in the corporate housing world?

SO: Because we strive to improve and to professionalize our approach in order to better meet and exceed our  guests’ expectations.

CS:What achievement are you most proud of so far?

SO: Well, it’s only been six months, but I am proud of the improvements made in the operations; I have simplified and restructured a lot, and I’m sure the next few months will highlight how all of these changes have improved efficiency and productivity.

CS: What are you most looking forward to?

SO: I am looking forward to the opening of the V, where we will have our signature collection. There are going to be lots of great little details there that will set us apart….The details make the quality, but quality is never a detail!

CS:What is the best thing about your job?

SO: The answer is the team – a great, motivated bunch of people who are always willing to improve. No one can whistle a symphony….. it takes an orchestra to play it!

Thanks to our symphony orchestra director in Montreal! Looking forward to seeing all those details come together later this year.