Get to know us! Interview with Johany Parra, Manager of Operations, Panama | Corporate Stays: Beyond Business
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Get to know us! Interview with Johany Parra, Manager of Operations, Panama

Corporate Housing

Enjoying the buzz of a beautiful Central American city, decorating and taking care of luxury apartments, and making our awesome guests smile – well, it’s a tough job but someone has to do it….! Meet Johany Parra, our unparalleled Manager of Operations who makes sure everything goes as smoothly as possible down in glorious Panama City:

CS: Hi Johany! Tell us, How long have you been working for and what’s your background?

JP: I have been working for since September of 2010. I started at the company as the external accountant and worked my way up the ladder. When I started, we had just 10 apartments in Panama and now we have over 50 apartments – this is something I am really proud of. 

CS: What does a normal day’s work look like for you?

JP: Crazy! In this type of business every day is a busy day, and there is always something to do – which is great because it keeps me busy all day long. I start my work day at 9am with a 30-minute meeting with my team, then I start answering all my emails, then divide my day into time with my staff, making sure all sales are getting done for the day; time with my two guest services teams, making sure they are arranging all check ins and check outs; and time with the cleaning crew to see if there are any maintenance or repairs to be done in the apartments. The rest of the day is spent  in my office with my accountant reviewing all the accounts payable and receivable; buying decor items or supplies for the apartments, and meetings.  

CS: What’s your favourite thing about your job?

JP: Everything! I love working for even though there is so much work to do every day. I love what I do and I work as if this company was my own.

CS: Why do you think is better than other companies?

JP: It’s the service we offer. The quality of our service is something that I trust in completely,  and I feel that what we do we helps so many people and companies many different ways.  I have always said that what a person needs to do a great job and to feel happy in a company is to truly love what you do and trust in what you are offering – this is the secret!

CS: What are the best things about living and working in Panama City?

JP: Panama is my country I have lived here my whole life. We have a beautiful city and I am so proud to have grown corporate stays here – and of course to keep developing it in the future!