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Get away from it all on your next business trip

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Travel in general can be a stressful affair, but a business trip often magnifies the normal challenges, with busy itineraries, pressurized meetings, and the anxiousness of meeting the goals and objectives set for the trip. Not to mention the fact that regular travellers are on the road for pleasure, while you’ve been sent away from your home and family for business reasons. But you can find ways to bring a little ‘me time’ back to business travel. Here are three easy suggestions for your next trip:

Relaxation: You may not realise how much you need to de-stress until you do it, and when you feel the tension leave your body you’ll wonder why you don’t do it more often! Search for a spa close to your hotel or furnished apartment (we have a partnership with the wonderful Spa Scandinave in Montreal for example) and book a few hours of sauna and hot baths. If you’d rather stay in, you can always order a massage therapist to come to your room – but check with the concierge to make sure it’s a legitimate, therapeutic company!

Nature: Often when we’re stressed, all we need is some fresh air and time in nature. Whether you go for a day trip to the beach or forest, or take an hour out to walk through a city park – the green space is scientifically proven to make you feel happier and more relaxed – not to mention the fact that more oxygen will help you feel focused and alert. Ask your concierge for the best urban oasis near you.

Learning: Sometimes when we have a lot going on we need something else to take our mind off it. Taking a class in something you love or learning a new skill are perfect ways to distract your brain – whether it’s pilates, cooking or art. A good concierge service can suggest great classes, get you discounts, and book lessons – even have teachers come to your apartment for private lessons – don’t be afraid to ask.