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Free night for Venezuelans relocating to Panama

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Here at, we’re not about being political, but we are about offering safe, comfortable accommodation to those who need it  – whether you’re on a business trip, newly separated, travelling with family, or relocating to an unfamiliar place.

That’s why we’ve decided to offer a free first night to all Venezuelans relocating to Panama to escape the current conflict. No one should have to worry about where to stay when fleeing from a violent and unstable political situation. As well as a first night free on any month-long stays, we are also offering a ‘cash back’ service to make sure Venezuelans will have money when they arrive – so guests can use their cards to pay more than the booking total, and collect the difference when they arrive. We will also accept cash payments. In addition, we’re offering a shuttle to and from the airport and we can even exchange free accommodation for certain goods and services – just write and ask for details. is a great solution for anyone arriving in Panama from abroad – especially those who did not expect to have to relocate so quickly. Our apartments are fully furnished and fully equipped so new arrivals don’t have to worry about purchasing supplies, and our booking policy makes extending your stay simple and secure.

All this, combined with Spanish and English-speaking staff, reasonable prices, and high-quality accommodation makes an emergency relocation that much easier.

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