4 Essential Types of Accessories for Every Business Trip
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4 Essential Types of Accessories for Every Business Trip


Packing isn’t always done right. Sometimes, our manager gives us advanced warning that we’ll have to go on a business trip; other times, it’s done at the last minute, and we stress pack, forgetting items and jamming everything into the case.

But packing doesn’t have to be complicated or a pain. If you have the right accessories, you will look forward to packing and travelling without looking like stress got the better of you.

Space Savers

Packing a suitcase so everything properly fits into it is an art form. However, it’s something everyone can do provided they have the right techniques and the right tools. It’s also a matter of being patient by taking the time to organize your suitcase.

One way to approach packing is to employ an effective way of folding. Marie Kondo has introduced a folding method—among other tidying techniques—that have helped thousands of people with their disorganized homes; it goes by the KonMari Method or file folding. The trick, Kondo says, to folding is to show your items love as opposed to making them compact. When you lay out your items to fold, you must keep a calm mindset.

You can save on more space by using space-saver bags. There are a variety of bags you can use, with or without using a vacuum to suck the air out. While the bags will facilitate packing more items in your suitcase, you will have wrinkles. On the other hand, the bags will protect your clothes from odours. The plastic is durable, but it is recommended to avoid putting it into contact with sharp objects. The locking mechanism is sturdy, reusable, and simply slides across the bag.

Clothes Protector

When you have a meeting or conference scheduled ahead of time, you can pack a few shirts or blouses in a Shirt Shuttle. It will protect your clothes from wrinkles, odours, and rips. It comes with a folding board that will enable you to properly fit your shirt into the case, so it will be just like a new shirt you bought at the store. This smart accessory lets professionals look the part when they travel and arrive at their destination. Travelling shouldn’t mean looking and feeling a mess.

Clothes Protector


Secret Compartments

Pickpockets and other people with sticky fingers are a significant problem when travelling. Whether you’re walking to your Corporate Stays accommodation, sitting on the airplane, or sleeping in your room, you can keep your valuables close at hand. You can bring along a pillow that houses your valuables in a hidden pocket while still letting you get a good night’s sleep for that presentation you’re giving tomorrow.

Slip your passport, cash, credit cards, phone, and a few other essentials into this sleek blazer. It’s designed with 10 hidden pockets and keeps its shape.

Are you travelling to a cold city? Try an infinity scarf with a hidden pocket! Infinity scarves are better to use as carriers of your essentials because it will remain around your neck as you move around, and no one will ever suspect. The hidden pocket can also be positioned according to how the wearer likes it.

Also ideal for a cold climate is a vest with secret pockets. You won’t have to worry about not having enough room to carry your essentials or fumbling with too many of them. You can go for a walk around the neighbourhood or make a quick trip to the pharmacy without having to carry your purse, bag or wallet where it can easily be picked.

Secret Compartments

Security Gadgets

You have to be safe at all times, but particularly when you’re taking a solo trip. There are a few compact and disguised items that will help you feel safe and bring help when you need it. For example:

There are eAlarms that are small, but make a real ruckus to dissuade any shady characters from going near you. Another way to make a lot of noise is to wear a whistle disguised as a fashion-forward necklace.

Wearing a decoy wallet will help you keep your essentials, protect your identity, and provide you enough time to get away while finding help.

Our phones are used for a hundred things now: calculators, calendars, music, email, texts, and surfing the web. But do you remember what the phone’s first capability was? Calling people! When you’re travelling, this is its most important feature, so keep a power bank or three with you in case your regular charger fails, or you can’t find an outlet in an emergency.

It could happen that you stayed out too late and got lost on your way back to your lodgings. If you need to unlock your bike or you’re in an area that isn’t lit very well, a pen light will help you to see signs and your bike lock. Of course, you should have a power bank with you to charge your phone.

Security Gadgets

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