First time in Medellin, Colombia? Here’s what to do, see, and eat! | Corporate Stays: Beyond Business
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First time in Medellin, Colombia? Here’s what to do, see, and eat!

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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – if you haven’t been to Medellin you are missing out? On what? You might ask? Well, read on…

To Go: Just spend a few hours soaking up the buzz of El Poblado – a neighborhood packed full of bars and excellent restaurants that’s perfect for people-watching.  Just take a seat at one of the bars lining Parque Lleras in the evening and watch the place swing to life. And in the daytime? Take a gondola up to  Parque Arví, a sprawling mountain wilderness with hiking trails, hotels and a butterfly enclosure — bring a picnic and enjoy an hour in the shade of the trees, watching life go by.

To do: Two things – watch soccer with the locals, and go paragliding. The city is home to strong thermal winds, which makes the latter a popular activity. The former is just a great exercise in experiencing the supreme passion and pride of the Colombians.

To see: Don’t miss the Biblioteca España, in the park of the same name. It’s architecturally wonderful and the views of the city from it’s patio areas are something else.

To touch: Medellin is a city that loves art and sculpture, which is no surprise, when you know that the world-renowned artist and sculptor Botero calls this city home. Close to the Museo de Antioquia downtown, you’ll spot a cluster of  eight-foot-tall bronze Botero sculptures of bulbous people and swollen animals in the plaza. GO ahead and rub a bronze bodypart for good luck!

To Eat: If you’ve ever been to any other part of Colombia, you’ll be familiar with this staple street food, a flat cornmeal bread served with just butter or a variety of great fillings. Eat a few to line your stomach for the next recommendation…

To Drink: Aguardiente – an anise-flavored Colombian liqueur that translates literally as “fire water” (try taking a swig without making a face). Best tried in a fruity cocktail, if you’re not a seasoned drinker.