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Essential accessories for business travel

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If you want to upgrade your tiring travel experience to ‘luxury getaway’ or ‘executive business’ level, you’ll have to start thinking like a travel pro. First, book the best accommodation you can find, then prepare like a pro. Packing the right tech can take so much of the stress out of business travel, and will make your trip more productive, organised, and enjoyable.

Portable keyboard

Anyone with a tablet knows that it’s great for web browsing and watching videos – but typing an email on the screen is a recipe for temper tantrums. Treat yourself to a man-sized, bluetooth keyboard like the Kensington KeyFolio Pro 2, which also comes with a handy stand and tablet cover.

Quality  headphones

It’s been shown that a lot of the stress of travel comes from the constant background noise of airports, traffic, and transport. Plus, the right music can promote calm and focus. Invest in a decent pair of headphones like the stylish offerings from Meze Headphones – a pair that look good, deliver excellent sound quality, and can hold up to being packed hastily when the plane lands.

Smart Luggage

The future of travel is here – luggage can now follow you hands free, weight itself, and track itself throughout your trip. Airbus, the makers of the intelligent luggage says their product heralds the reinvention of baggage, but it’s still in development. For now, you can get this self-weighing suitcase – a good step in eliminating unwanted baggage fees.

Storage solution

Say goodbye to fumbling for power cords, adaptors, your phone, camera, usb stick and travel mouse Grid It is a brilliantly simple organisation system that uses elastic straps to hold anything and everything in place. Perfect to slip into the front pocket of your carry-on bag.


A universal plug adaptor is a must for every international traveller, and one with a USB connection is even better. This version from Skross is nice and compact but manages to pack six different country plugs plus 2 USB ports. It’s the perfect travel companion.