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Don’t Mess with Mark – Why Mark Bocek loves

There are many, many reasons our guests chose to stay in our furnished apartments rather than a hotel – for Mark Bocek, champion UFC fighter, it’s the chance to prepare his own meals, the peace and privacy, and the washing machine!

Currently in Florida, resting and recovering from a great fight (and win!) against Mike de la Torre at the The Ultimate Fighter Nations Finale in Quebec City last month. The Toronto native is part of the TriStar Gym team, and trains for his fights here in Montreal. “Marc had previously been staying in hotels”, says his manager Mary Olivera “but finding the CorporateStays apartments has made such a difference.”

“He’s on a specific diet leading up to fights, so it’s amazing that he has the kitchen to prepare his own meals – and he loves that there’s a big organic grocery store right across the street. When he’s in the apartment, he’s not bothered by anyone, he can do laundry, park his car right downstairs, walk to the museums he loves on Sundays, and  easily get to the gym for training. Basically it’s the perfect location and it’s like coming home for him,” she says.

A black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (the first Canadian-born fighter to achieve the distinction) and Kempo Karate, Mark has been training for over a decade, and has won 12 of his 17 major fights. We’re super proud to be a sponsor and can’t wait to see him face his next competitor later this year.